Album/Movie"Folon"... The Past
ArtistsSalif Keita
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Africa is my descent
and here I am far from home
I dwell within a land that is meant
for many men not my tone
The blood of god is my defense
let it drop down to my seed
showers to your innocence
to protect u for all eternity
and with this wood I beat this drum
and we wont see defeat
From kings to queens becomes a prince
knowledge wisdom is
understanding what we need
Ever since the day u came
my whole world began to change
I knew then to dedicate my life
4 your own
everyday I see u grow
and remember what u already know
I receive the love
that radiates from your glow
From which u came was love
and that's how it all should be
u and my soul are I
though all the time and history

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