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Put me on top top of the world
Loving so hot that you sweat out my curls
Pulling and tugging like kids out at recess
I'm aware that you really do need this
So tell me what you want from me
I'm working on your body like mechanics on soul parts
And we'll be driving
Each other insane
Feel it in my spine so I know it ain't a game
Feelings in my heart,
Do you really feel the same?
Is this shit real or just a
Big game?
He says no I say oh touch my spot and make me go
Straight like that pull the covers back hold me in your arms
Cause I wanna be attached, attached to you and I know you wanna be attached to me, me too
Don't you try to fight it cause this song it don't need no hook
And we don't need words just gimme that look
Hands on your chest while I give you more,
Incoming text I just press ignore cause
The only person I wanna read is you you you
Fuck these other niggas swear to God it's fuck these other niggas
Cause it's like ain't nobody gonna love me like you
And ain't nobody gonna support what I do
And ain't nobody gonna keep it one hundred in a world full of lies
When I wanna hear the truth
I down for you you go down on me,
When I'm down and out you put a smile on me
Sent to hell and back we done been through it scratching up your back
While you pull into it, Oh yeah
Baby lemme sing to you, Sing to you
Lemme just admire you, Admire you
Love you while the
Background Music

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