Caught Up ft. Raheem Devaughn (Prod. by Khrysis)
Album/MovieShe Got Game
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I've been advised to kill they vibe I ain't seen a size
Could fill my shoes, the path I walk hella wide and skewed
I think cool is being you, if you cool it's cool
I'm just a shark in a pool outgrowing all the rules they used to use to keep us in line
Like color class in school
The fastest food is the faster to sleeps cousin
My garden like Eden, I eat in produced by dozens
Patches wit Patrick spit peppers to pack palaces
Hit boards put numbers up like Malice’s
Pusha, push a brother I'm wheelin it, feel Paralysis
Walk in my shoes they never like E. in Dallas did
Naked truth died, the lies is taking over, shit
I spit Hova whips,
See thru the tops pass the oval shit-
Presidential im wit dat Godliness
I'm gon' body this
You wanna test me?
Motherfucker come get bodied then
Cuz It's whatever

I want this thing forever
But, everyday I (can’t get caught up)
I want that life forever
But I - can’t - get - caught - up

Verse II

Caught in judgements, love them so I let it go
Let um know the patience of Job is what I rode,
Thru bid Adieu, morning dew I couldn't let the load slow me
Four cloves, Im one of one, a rarity if you pairing, parenting wasn't done
Mama shoulda showed you what truth was
Spell it like new tux, black and white, plain to see Im the future
Show it like Hooters, my boosters still believe in me
So I have no time to get caught in your insecurities
Purity I'm Mercutio in my wittiness
More fuel for the fire, I ain't forgetting shit
Getting mine wit Krit Def Jam blocking
Don't matter much to me forever I stay rocking,
Today we praying for Boston
Today we praying for Martin, both of them Martins march for um
Hope one day the world stop waring
Like autism, it's the system we assisting
Baby find some wisdom listen we gotta lift um
I'm too gifted to get caught up in the business
Handle my business till I am my own business
Smartness I be flexin like cartilage, can't get to deep caught in without rubbers
My brothers I love ya
But lotta of ya trouble
Why we had to part ways,
Set you outside of the bubble
Can’t get caught up

Verse III

If my soul was to be accompanied
You werent my company
The one that could come and comfort me
Constantly I found myself caught up
Thinking of a future family, two sons a daughter
Water I shed many nights, thinking you might
Won't in the right direction of your life
I was right
Caught up in easy women
Heard you dabbled wit white sauce
Wouldn't of been in XXL or the Source had I stayed
It's just the grave reality
Thanks for valory, I ain't get caught out
The causality, just a dead soul
When happiness let go
Dipped in petro,
Burning we learn less tho when our eyes closed
And we can't see thru forest
Stuck on fortune , The only reason you court them
Deport them
Report them to endorphines
They ain't doing jobs
Don't get caught if he don't love as hard
The heart

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