Chocking the Last Breath (feat. Sawthis)
Album/MovieHuman Abuse
ArtistsThe Juliet Massacre feat. Sawthis
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Now all is gone, consumed or sold
and this was not my right to choose.
It came on me
like winter's cold,
I look at was I've left to lose
if I wanna be free.
I would do everything I wanted to.
I'd take long
walks along the beach or be in the bed with the bitch
thinking about
all the things i will never see.
So, what I'm looking for
I will choke in a solid breath
I'm floating in the storm
I was left alone (and so).
Free like a bird flying in the sky
I wish to let everyone do what they can
without taking care of what they do in the life.
I would convince those
to understand
life is a river
that will meet waterfalls sometimes,
it's an hard way down
but it's possible to rise again!
so, why I've been waiting for
I will write on my bloody skin
I'm crossing into the void
I was left alone again
I Just keep breathing in
I Just keep breathing out
They told me I had the power to change,
I still believe I can change
and if I could do anything
there are so many out there who do not.
When I feel so barren
I try to wash myself again
and when I do not receive any answer
I will not return.

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