Chronic Slaughte
Album/MovieMisery Sermon
ArtistsSlaughter to Prevail
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Born in fear living in a lie parasites devouring themselves from within
In our eyes we can only see the pain of grief that we carry on the ground
In our actions we can see the stupidity of being led by fear, we create an insignificant alliance in the darkness

The ashes of human filth are dishonest ...
Private fear of trying freedom ...
The birth of nature is not pleasing to the eye and consciousness ...
No!!!! There is no punishment worse than waiting ...
Worse than oblivion ... Deadly wounds ...
The pus of the unknown flooded the soul ...

This life I took it myself no GOD I did not give it!
This death I took it myself no GOD my life did not take away!!!

Born in fear of living in a lie
Parasites devouring things inside

Poison gives rise to human weaknesses ...
The amount of hatred per centimeter of flesh ...
Rivers of anger overflow the tanks ...
Bones of Adam ... End of embarrassment ...

This life I took it myself no GOD I did not give it!
This death I took it myself no GOD my life did not take away!!!

From the roofs, like autumn leaves sometimes
People crowd in the last battle ...
The universal spirit pills the heart with longing ...
I'm alive ... But funerals every day ...

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