Come As You Are
Album/MoviePraise 16 - The Power of Your Love
ArtistsMaranatha! Music
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A2 A2/F# E
Come as you are
Come and drink from the living water
A2 E
That flowed from His hands
Flowed from His side

Come as you are
Come and bathe in the healing water
Cleansing from sin
Releasing new life

Draw near to Him
And He'll draw near to you
Bm A2
He's been waiting for you to call on His Name
E A2 (D2 at end)
So come, come as you are.

Bridge for His Love:

Your love reaches down from the heavens
To all the creatures on the earth and in the sky
As Your rainbow reminds us Your promise is assured
To be with is through our lives
As the bird finds rest in Your arms
You will keep us safe from harm
For nothing can separate us from Your love

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