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Quannum MC's F/ Jurassic 5
Yea yea yea yea, oh yea
It's the late night hype Mack B dog in the house
Chillin, like a big ol pimp
Right about now, at 3:01 in the morning
Everything else on is probably pretty faulty and repetitive
So if you're goin through your radio
When you get down to that, you know, far left hand side
Keep it tuned to Mack B dog, cuz you know
I'm keepin it extra extra funky
Know what I'm sayin?

Concentration, concentration is the name
Keep the rhythm
Or you will be out the game

We bust shots like german lugers
On intruders
Violate we activate the ill-style shooters

So Lateef [wassup?]
Let your lyrics heat-seek [all right]
And yo, get on the mic and fuck the microphone technique [here we go now]

Look what we've got
Akil, Lateef and Mark 7 deliverin the presences
J 5 Quannum
Zakir, Gab, Lyrics Born natural as the elements
I jump down and customize
My lyrics to synchronize
And educate the young, dumb, deaf, and blind
And drop a seed in they minds, so they can open their eyes
Realize and recognize we livin in the last times

I pull a spark of shining light out of the glorious fate
Create the lyric arsenals that verbal warriors make
Escape hell temporarily
Merrily vibes carry me to heavenly states
Inevitably rockin steadily

Yea, I represent the underground MC
Even though I move around I'm still down with MC's
Now pound for pound I go the round
I is down, as you see (???)
I'm from the group, Jayou, the J 5 MC's, yea


Oh god, it's so re-al, and then yet, it's sur-real
Flowin, like soy milk, over sweetened cer-e-al
Y'all melt, like toys built from cheap material
Reevaluate yourself, it ain't about the here and now

I hold it def for 6
Blazed my way up out an orphanage
Assertive it, poetic scripts blast murderous
The earth shaker, I crack a nigga out his windbreaker
The verbal layer, rhythmatic fly commentator

Yo, now if you stumble on a phonograph
To listen to the flavas that you got to have
With lyrics that be perfectly handcraft
All the way from the bay to L.A.
We're tryin to give you all different points of view
To show you our poetic words that we use
From the MC's that you're bound to choose
All the way from the bay to L.A.


Look what we've got
Akil, Lyrics Born, Zakir, Gift Of Gab
Lateef, Mark 7, Chali, Cut Chemist, Nu-Mark
XL, and Dj-Shadow

The rhyme ambassador that mastered the ceremony
So passengers fasten up these average cats'll never catch up

Yeah I hot dog the ball behind the yes yes y'all
Fuck hanging on the shore trying to ball ????

No, I don't jitterbug with lyrically idiotic litterbugs
They shit and bug the shit out of me eat em up for dinner so

We imburse to disperse, wish your last was your first bit
Consume the whole room and you wonder where the earth went

So I reduce the risk
Spit words like a journalist
And burnin it in unofficial mic tournaments

I'll play off night watchin trife cuz we might utilize
the mic as a rightful for the eyes on the prize (???)
So try to conduct yourself in a manner that's wise
Ain't that right? Right right, True, right right
Tell em why

We bust shots like german lugers
On intruders
Violate we activate the ill-style shooters
J 5 Quannum kick it live
orth with the South, civil war with the rhymes
We bust shots like german lugers
On intruders
Violate we activate the ill-style shooters
J 5 Quannum kick it live
North with the south other crews flatline

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