Country Side (feat. Yelawolf & Jelly Roll)
Album/MovieCountry Side (feat. Yelawolf & Jelly Roll)
ArtistsAlexander King, Yelawolf & Jelly Roll
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Somebody just told that country music got a hold of hip hop
And everybody who want a piece of the rap game, suddenly got on the radio looking for hit spots
And you put LL Cool J on a new wave with this dude rap [?] and I search for loop holes and you crazy
Who knows maybe the soup tasting even better that before it did
But before is this
New game and big truck meets 808 and 36
And think it good look hell if i had a magic wand
I put it up on the river for you welcome to the main stream
And big bucks
Now paddle on, paddle on and babble on
Rattle all snake in the wrecked of babble on
And travel on to the bricks [?] tackle on
Musical back and all better learn how to swim
Shit got deep, but you ain't gotta worry 'bout a hick like me
Killer Mike told me not to change my ways but my dixie flag was plain to see
Brotherhood, motherhood daddy in the south better get a hold of this culture
Gotta be proud to be country, don't be a country vulture
Slumerican boss shit, better give me mine of the top i'm ripping
Alabama, Tennessee, G.A
All day motherfucker now let the beat drop, UH!

I'm proud of my promise, papa's and all of my partners
We grew up in the bottom, bottom
Way down in the country side of things, yeahh
Way down in the country side of things, alright, alright, alright
Good people wanna have a good time
The south got enough problems
We just hooked a bottle to bottle
Way down in the country side of things, yeahh
Way down in the country side of things, alright, alright, alright

This here the outlaw hip hop
Gasolined out southern rock
From the east side of music city
I was raised on skinner than pop
What up Strug', what up slums, what up Dubbz
We're all showing love, till they let you'll come home and we'll all make toast

This outlaw, Hip Hop, hell nah it ain't Is what you got when you mix 'Pac with that 1997 Kid Rock
From the bottom I rose, to the top I came
But forgive me I think we celebrate
Write a record, let send it straight
I can never snitch and I never hate
Yeah girl, damn I'm fine
Grown man and I'mma handle mine
Everybody stressin', I'm just cool
Bitch I'm blown like a Dandelion
And I'm living it, I'm living it
The same way that I'm rapping it
Bad girl in my passenger, ridin' around trippin' out of this Maxima
Stayin' up late like I'm Dracula
Ridin around [?]
I'm carnival cruising
I swear this rapping happened by accident
I stand tall cause I had to fall
Left the streets and I had it all
The game's up and down like a basket ball
But I think I'm any day away from blasting off
And I'm gone

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