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Navas!! Darkrebel!! Limerick!!!

Its a Classic! Its a Classic!! Its a Classic!!!


Yo Darkrebel, yo!

I'm a centaur, demigod, metal like Megatron
got canonised as the patron of metaphors
quit that bull talk, I am not a matador
I raise the bat like I'm Alfred Pennyworth
fiend with the pen, rappers get shredded
Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D, still hydra-headed
silent assassin, spazzing like Manson
even bïtch-slapped the fierce out of Sasha
Kanye West, gimme Scarlett Johansen
or I place that tech on the eldest Kardashian
David Berkowitz, gore and grand
The child of Sam Loco - I guess I'm the son of Sam
gripe the Nina, tightest squeezer
see me & the mic, we like Ike and Tina
cos I just beat her, Al Queda leader
rats snitch on me & die of Lassa fever
got breasts to stroke, cess to smoke
I'm that seed Makavelli sowed years ago
drop bombs in moshpits, the glock? I cöck it
don't act like a dick, I'm Lorena Bobbit
I finger pop it and vets will bleed
mess with the Zohan, but don't mess with me
I ace the game, box like David Blaine
dominate this bïtch like 50 shades of Grey
Abu Dhabi scion, rapping awesome
but y'all don't fit like spiderman in Gotham
You preposterous and you ludicrous
like the Prophet Mohammed on a crucifix
hemp trafficker, rocking that Nazi swastika
made my bucks off this Afro vernacular
so claiming I'm regular is as dumb as a blind man using binoculars
loco, not local, more like Zorro
melt the ice till there's none to love Coco
yank the piece, I'm really caprice
either Koba or Caesar, the Gorilla MC
my verse is the catalyst, high off the cannabis
This vocab of mine bamboozle every analyst
blossom with script, suckers get beat
had the wind give me gold, then threw caution to it
street poet, cause decapitations
The genius behind JFK's assassination
rouse the crowd, beam with the sound
Ali in this round, my clique is the pound
After this I'mma sleep on the couch
or go make some sweet love to my Kryptonian spouse
I'm outtie...


Yea!! Those are the classic, the true hiphop in the frantic
This is the art of the religion that we practice
Rhyme assassin, grip the pen like a praying mantis
But hey the fact is, the radio playing static
Organic rhymers, speak the wrong and you hammered
Fresh like piranha, scar-face my persona
I'm all time wears, I'm multi heavy,
How you put a record out, when you got a pot belly
Low level individuals, we maintain
Hold your position to fight, we Proclaim
Complex is the manuscript we propain
Mind over matter, hiphop over fame
I'm unchained to be a slave to the entertainment trade
A pioneer of rhythm and poetry, translate
My man says educational is mandate
My mind state unequivocal like landscape
That's how we get down, one man couple of rounds
Dope like a white powder, i mean couple of pounds
We Congest and cosign, and ride in cold times
Unbelievers get apprehensive where it's show time
Get high like astro, knowledge hive of plato
Get extra ammo, for the microphone commando
these are the places of the imminent races
Your wack Niggas full of shit you can't even say shit
My Life solar, steal my shine, you get Bipolar
A bar scholar, ahead of my time, Niggas rhyme soda
My transcoder expose a nigga leave him blindfolder
You might hold your breath for a sec we in the pagoda
You get to feel the genius of the intellectual rhyme closer
On broad ways, i carry Punchlines on my shoulder
Bars bars, all the ladies they get high over, king navas on the throne, Y'all Niggas i told ya
I rhyme tight, Einstein when the times right
I write blight, attrite Niggas blind sight
Conversation with the devil in the lime light
Tell me how you go stand with the mic stand
True African lyricist... Dark and raw,
The Midlands feel the heat, yea darken rahl
that old school feel, with the new school slang
My whole crew real, got a few wu tang
Man, I'm restless, my freedom of speech gets relentless
How i drop knowledge on the microphone, leave em senseless
Out they senses, you really think you could vent this?
Biometric of kkendrick around me, it's a centric
with a few glads, giyaz, spitzofrenik... i know Y'all spit that real noun for the clinic
Darkrebel with the black label, he elevate with the metaphors, man. look at that aerial
Phatman, in fact man. You're are the fact man, made a lot of G's burn out flat man.
Limerick, I'm i to speak on your behalf? You got that buzz like a bee hive
Navas with the intellectual fire power, Manifest in a second, drop verses in a minute I'm the man of the hour
It's N.A.V!!


Yo Limerick, you now what I'm saying?
Lets do this (for Nairaland)


Eshwany warrido? (I'm nat sane)

Listen I'm a beast (han?)
Big enough to think I'm castrated; An animal I'm lyrically writing bars naked
My raps aiming and shooting bullets, you bad fated: I bully bullies and rookies, the truth is you can't make it
I was right when I talked about the Nairaland cypher, sht! Last year, I got the whole o' Nairaland ciphering
Me I no dey brag, Edo boiy would just murk the track; and leave these other rappers clueless, I just hope they understand
Uh! Listen Up!!
I just got an order to be ready! Sick enough to blow your mind and take a brother to medic
Brother listen clearly; you know that I'll never disrespect but
You can never be a star if you were covered with asterisks.
(Ahan) Nobody capable of beating my intelligence!! My tongue travelled 8 miles and spitting like its Eminem
Its evident! I'ma take advantage of their negligence; and show them what it takes to be a moda effing president!!
Yo, I be breaking - all the bones of the haters; I got close to sedatives
Gave a dose to the fakers, when I ball for niggas that hate it
Give the blows, to Okocha, When Jay rise(Jreyez); I'ma show you how I smoke conversation!!!
Perparazi taking shots like he ain even want a trouser; I know you see(UC) but I ain even used the browser.
God-Flow's the magic, used a few abracadabra; I'm outstanding, a lyrical version of bouncers
And Darkrebel wey be wan con dey form like he be spitting sht
I go put Micheal behind these bars like say na prison break
My metaphors no tight shey? Navas self go hear am; Edo boiy dey para i put the blame on the vietnams (Uh!)
Back to the bars, No I'm - black to the bone; I bring disaster, this time I'm getting cassidy owned
Shout out to BIS on Nairaland, dude was a Glad on the throne; and fuck Mikuz, fuck him for being wack on the throne
Dude I'd be snapping your bones and cracking your skulls if you disrespect
Glad that you know, a man thats a god - like Peter Pan
Bitch there ain't no meaner man, you all know that that's a talent
You fuck around and get struck in a flash like Barry Allen!!
Shout out to krone, y'all know the glad is cool; shout out to teddybiyasi, shout out to Gladys too
Shout out to Jigsaw, I'm sorry that I had him schooled; and shout out to Ishilove although she always acts a ffool
But then, Lalasticlala is the man for the drama, he banning romancers and rappers on fire
You better show me some love if you dey gbadun my grammar, sarcastically speaking, I'm racking bandannas
Nobody keeps it lock down like I do with my penitentiary bars; my head set, its why my accessories last
Yah, I don't go nut(north), y'all know I go from west to the south; your best is a liar, except that best is actually I
Gat the kinda rap attack that makes the snow fall in Nigeria, watch it! I'm sick, I'm sniffing drugs in a cinema
Of course, this is clinical! Someone call the doctor; I'm sick enough to die and resurrect before the rapture
I'm out
Bitch! I'm out!!

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