Album/MovieLet Me Come Over
ArtistsBuffalo Tom
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I'm not cryin' for ya
I'll let the angels bore ya
I'm just tryin' to understand

One, two, three, four, five I'm callin'
Julie you just keep on walkin'
I can't laugh at all that matters
I can't sleep at night without a stare

But I'm not cryin' for ya
Is that a big box for ya?
I'm just tryin' to make some
Make some change

I am sick of your goldfish manners
(I am)
I am sick of being in my head
(I know)
No one talks about my problem
(No one, I know)
No one really cares if I'm not here

But I ain't cryin for ya
My greenest eyes are for ya
I'll get up and fly some

Hold my hand and hold my temper
(Hold my hand)
Hold my ticket while I go away
'Cause all the earth and all the angels
(All the angels)
All the crystal Crosses are the same
They're the same

But I ain't dying for ya
Built that big box for ya
Mom I'm tryin' to pre
To pretend
Mom, oh, momma

One, two, three, four, five I'm callin'
Julie you just keep on walkin'
Keep on walkin'

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