Don Fi Who
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Dem cyaa program we
So mi no know weh the fool dem a pree
Two mi gone him mussi waan meck 3
A pare pretty things man a spree

Don fi dem friend
Dem a no don fi me
3 rifle a no nuff gun fi we
Don fi who? Dem a no don fi me
A we dem bonyfie gyal a pree

Shi send fi the kid caw a big wood shi waan
Big wood shi waan, shi seh a big wood shi waan
Him promise married but a big wood shi waan
Big wood shi waan, shi seh a big wood shi waan

Mi give her rapid cause a big wood shi waan
Big wood shi waan, shi seh a big wood shi waan
Him buss her forehead but a big wood shi waan
Big wood shi waan shi seh a big wood shi waan

Shi love when mi kiss her and cores her
And mi touch her and play wid the nipple
Then mi ram her and mi jam her
And meck her legs dem feel like mi cripple dem
Shi hold mi tight wid all her might
When mi a wine and a feel up the titty dem
Shi love mi and shi hug mi
Play wid mi 6 pack ribble dem

(Repeat )

A bwoy cyaa govern him gyal
How him fi be my general? Yo mad!
A bite flesh like wild animal
And no stop tek baggy facial

Mi no know no daddy so mi nah call no man father
How a place run under lawless order
Wi no borrowed nothing so dem cyaa send fi nada
Send fi wa? Send fi yo mother

(Repeat )

(Repeat )

(Repeat )

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