Don't Cry, Bab
Album/MovieTwo Classic Albums From Aretha Franklin: The Tender, the Moving, the Swinging / Soft and Beautiful
ArtistsAretha Franklin
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Don't cry, baby, don't cry, sugar
Dry your eyes
And let's be sweethearts again

Because you know
You know I didn't mean
To ever treat you so mean
Right now, oh, yeah

Come on, honey
Let's try it all over
One more time

Oh, don't cry, don't cry, baby
Don't cry, don't cry
Honey, oh, dry your eyes
And let's be, come on
Let's be sweethearts again

Oh, oh, oh, because you know
You know I didn't mean
To ever, ever, oh
Treat you so mean right now
Right now, oh, yeah

Come on, baby
And I wonder can I be
Your sweetheart one more time
Right now, right now

Oh, I said don't cry
Oh, honey, don't cry, baby
Don't cry, don't cry, sugar
Oh, right now

Dry your little eyes
Oh, oh, and let me be
Your little cookie one more time
Right now, yeah, yeah

Oh, I said don't cry, don't cry, baby
Ooh, don't cry, don't cry, sugar
Oh yeah, don't cry

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