Double Take
Album/MovieCrash Landing [No Dj] (Mixtape)
ArtistsKid Ink
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[Hook: Bei Maejor x2]
We be turning heads everywhere we go
I swear all of my nights look like a movie though
Body on my chick straight out a video
Pocket full of cash, every time we pass got you
Double take, double take
Double take, double take
I said it's money in my pocket, something in my cup
Put it in the air, put your money up

[Verse 1: Kid Ink]
Let me see your hands like a stick up
I walk inside the club then I make your girl sit up
Like I was a trainer, make sure you get a picture
Take it home and frame it cause you know it's going down, drainer
I got a table on the club, a bottle of Patron
'Bout to take off, feeling like Megatron
She fucking with a nigga like the car that she on
Beat him on that ass, baby bring it back
Yeah, I said I'm Steve-O stunting
See the money and my clothes, Benjamin Button
Tonight you can blame it on the Henny
Rolling with some models, you could say I rock skinny's
Don't know how to jerk but errybody tipping
Watch them double take, call 'em Eddie Griffin
Nigga I'm so high that I ain't even tripping
But we be turning heads like an exorcism


[Verse 2: Kid Ink]
Yeah, I say watch me make it levitate
I'm feeling myself, meditate
'Bout to roll one up, medicate
It's no niggas over here, segregate
Where my bitches? Tell me where my bitch is
Came to the club, no money but you tipping
Get it how you live it, I'm living like a script
See I'm so gone, deuces, mix it
We eating over here, everything catered
I got the key, rolling with Bei Maejor
Better watch your back, you better watch your girl
Cause one more drink and I swear that's not your girl


[Verse 3: Kid Ink]
Huh, you could see it over here
Surreal niggas I can see you very clear
You ain't scared of nothing, we gon' party 'til it's over
And if you got a problem, holla at me when I'm sober
Cause you are messing up my high
Jet lag niggas messing up my time
You run your mouth while I run this city
Run this shit, yeah word to Jenai


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