Efimile Remix (Feat. Naeto C, MI,Banky W,El Dee & Ice Prince)
Album/Movie51 Lex Presents Go High
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Dagrin-ahhh yeah
YQ Dagrin, you wanna
know why all the
ladies que for this
Cos alot of money on
this one
And you already
know-eni ti ora ankara
ole je semo
And u know how we
spendn dough
Dr frabs baby holla at
u boy.
Awon eyan nipe mon
fine mon fresh mon
Won mo ashiri ewa mi
woni monje yahoo
Mon gba eru men
EfC mion beru
But i dont think u
know me men u all
dont know my rule
Ti awon eyan ba rimi
ni street wani mio ni
Men wan suspect pe
mo ni iban pelu knife
Tin ba tun soro
eyokan wani mo
Woni life tinmo live bi
omo tolo adopt
To ba rimi street wan
pe mi lomo buruku
Woni life timon live
woni mio nipeku
Tolorun oba pami
eeeh kilotuku
Wit a brand new shoe
everytime im feelin
Jen shalaye bimo se
live in brief
Every hood wey i de
men dem call me chief
D kind money wey i
get men too big for
Kilode ton beef mi life
mi ni mo live
Wan fe mo bi mo se n
Wan femo bimo se n
wan fe gba irawo mi
lowo mi eeih
Wan fe mo bi mo se n
Wan femo bimo se n
Wan fe gba irawo mi
lowo mi ooh
Wan fe mo bi mo se n
jewo mi
EFIMILE, wan fe mo bi
mo se n pawo mi
Wan fe mo bi mo se n
jewo mi efimile efimile
lf you see me on d
street u can say what
u wanna say
Shebi na u get ur
And as long as me im
making ends meet
dont give a f wat
u wanna say
am d one u talkin
I tell u say everything
is good ah got love for
I de chop bellefull now
wallai tallahi
So eeh yooh
D bad bad thing wey
dem plan no fit hold
me down
Ooh ooh oh
Eeh yooh dem dem
never reach no be
dem be my God i
Ooh ooh oh
Eeh yooh u wey turn
ur back on me
Look at me now look
at me now.
3 (YQ)
Dem de wonder how I
dey change cloth
How am getting
Na God na im de do
am for me
Plus y'all don't know
when me when then i
You call me once on
ma phone
Now everyday u callin
me ooh ooh oh
Eeyohh na God be d
reason why u hear me
on d radio ooh ooh oh
Eeyoh na jah is d
reason why u see me
in my limo ooh ooh oh
Dagrin (Rap)
Yeah ahh moti bolohun
mi soro ninule mi
Pe ninu odun timo
wayi mofelo Bentley
Oni kinlole mo shi
mafo loke bi Jet Li
So elo di sanku ishan
lo pa Bruce Lee
Am living bigger men
tori moni sponsor
That limo wey u see
yesterday na me u
Ahn melo mofewi
melo mofeka melo mo
feso gongo aso
I don't even hear
what they saying

Yeah its 2koncept
Baby you know how
we do it
YQ, i got my home boy
Dagrin on this one
Dr Frabz u got me
feelin good about dis
2koncept .eeeh yooh.

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