Eschatological Prophet
Album/MovieThe Unfolding
ArtistsTimothy Brindle
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Turn to Luke 7:11-17
In Luke's Gospel it's an essential theme
And now this thought is his topic:
In raising the widow's son and the way it was done
Shows He's the Prophet long-awaited to come
Because One like Moses was sure to arise
But see how in Luke 4:25
The Son of God says it vividly
How Elijah was a blueprint for His prophetic ministry
Because Israel would reject Him wickedly
Plus like Elijah He's sent to a widow, see
Now let's check the text very well
Since Christ's miracle's a direct parallel
To the one performed by the LORD through Elijah
In 1 Kings 17, both stories describe the…
…way it begins "at the Gate of the
City" (1 Kings 17:10; cf. Luke 7:11-12)
Elijah and Messiah both gracious with pity
Because in both stories we're noticing it said
A mother who is a widow, her only son is dead
The son is raised back to life and given
to his mother (1 Kings 17:22; cf. Luke 7:15)
But Luke 7 is a bit different than the other:
Unlike Elijah calling on the LORD for life
Jesus IS the LORD of LIFE who raised him by His Glory's Might!

"See, Moses promised another Prophet like him!"
"The Prophet brings God's truth to His people!"
"See, Moses promised another Prophet like him!"
"We see this in Jesus who is greater than Moses!"

Yo, Moses spoke of redemption
So God worked miracles through him to show He had sent him
Jesus is clearly a 2nd Moses figure
And this very miracle shows us this picture:
In Luke 7 check verse 16
From those who observed, hear the words they screamed
Because when Moses did signs by the Strength that God's
Exodus 4 (v.31), the crowds had the same response:
They said, "Jehovah has visited His people!"
Which Luke quotes to show that it's the Sequel
Because after Jesus had risen this son up
They yelled, "A great prophet has arisen among us!"
Deuteronomy 18:15, It's Written
A prophet like Moses, "to Him you must listen" אֵלָ֖יו תּשְִׁמעָוּֽן
This promise of prophet was fulfilled progressively
In Joshua, Samuel, but then especially
Elijah seemed to be that greater Moses
Then Elisha until the Last Days approaches
Isaiah, Jeremiah, or Ezekiel?
Nope. Acts 3 shows in Jesus, it indeed is fulfilled (Acts 3:18-26)
By God the Father Christ's message was attested (Acts 2:22)
But His greatest sign was His death and resurrection!
God spoke through many prophets who wrote of Him to come

"See, Moses promised another Prophet like him!"
"The Prophet brings God's truth to His people!"
"See, Moses promised another Prophet like him!"
"We see this in Jesus who is greater than Moses!"

Now turn to Luke 9—it's the Transfiguration
The event Moses' shining face was anticipating
And Luke wants to show Jesus is greater than Moses
But there's at least a few ways that he shows this:
Luke 9 by comparison
Jesus and His disciples "re-live" the Sinai narrative
Because in verse 28, it mentions this about Him:
Peter, John, James,
and Christ "ascended up the mountain" (ἀνέβη εἰς τὸ ὄρος)
In 24:18 of the Scroll of Exodus,
it's the same phrase in the Greek Old Testament
Plus there's the Glory-Cloud (Luke 9:34) which we know represents
God's Holy Presence and there's fear of those reverencing
Moses took 3 men with him on the Holy Mount (Aaron, Nadab and Abihu)
But Jesus brings 3 men with Him in
the Glory Cloud (Peter, James, and John)
The result of Christ's praying is His
Transfiguration (ἐν τῷ προσεύχεσθαι; infinitive of result)
His Face shining bright—and it was Blazing!
When you zoom in on verse 29, be amazed
The same word for "the appearance"
that's describing His Face (τὸ εἶδος)
Is used in verse 17 of Exodus 24
For "the appearance of the glory of
the Lord" (τὸ εἶδος τῆς δόξης κυρίου)
Which Moses reflects like a mirror in that story
But notice how Luke by the Spirit he records the
Fact that Jesus is Superior is surely
Luke describes Jesus like an OT-Theophany
A visible manifestation of God, you see
"clothes flashing like lightning" (ἐξαστράπτω; Luke 9:29)
Which Ezekiel saw in 1:4 of He whose Majesty's Frightening!
But who was with Him on the Mountain? Moses and Elijah!
Yet the One who made the sun—His clothes are even brighter
Then Peter is mistaken when hearing the
statement, he realizes God put the focus on Messiah
Because a Voice from above is quoting from the Scriptures again:
TO HIM!" (Isa. 44:2b LXX + Deut. 18:15)
Why Moses and Elijah? 2 probable reasons:
First to testify the Final Prophet is Jesus
The second is in the Greek text, it's this:
31, "they spoke about His Exodus" (τὴ ν ἔ ξοδον α ὐ τοῦ)
Referring to His death for sins to
rescue us from our wretched lust oppressing us
Not to mention His resurrection does
Defeat sin and Satan, and then death is crushed
Which the first Exodus for sure prefigured
And Elijah crossed the divided Jordan River
Although they both (Moses and Elijah) passed through water
Christ Himself was baptized through God's
Wrath and Slaughter (Mark 10:38; 1 Peter 3:18-21)
The Messiah bled for us,
His resurrection was Redemptive History's Final Exodus!
Thus He's the Final Revelation of the Father
The Final Prophet bringing culmination to the Saga
When God saves in History—no "naked" facts
He always interprets His own Saving Acts
When He acts in History to Save, He surely does
Reveal His Word to Interpret His Works for us
Since Christ rose, and then ascended my friend
And gave His Holy Spirit so that Scripture is penned
There's no more saving acts until descending again
The CANON is closed, Cannon! So now, "LISTEN TO HIM!" (Luke 9:35)

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