Freak the Funk
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Well My name is Davey, you need help with that? No cure for ill and i'm about to relapse If I catch you counting sheep I'm bringin in the wolf pack You know I've been known to make the floor collapse I sling words in felony quantities In pen and ink I'm verse murdering Limited humility ability Ill now when the beat get to bumpin I admittedly kill I'm a floorbreaker up on the floor I'll break on this floor til the floor's no more So look alive it's high time I put a shift on the whole hip hop paradigm

My name is David Eff Chillin on the beach cuz of the coin I collect Foreign shores of course now partner whatchu expect gotta gimme props cuz I get the gettin correct Watch how I step son in my stetson fly like a jetson extra terrestrial slung with a ray gun read or not here I come Put the needle to the wax and the damage done Put my mouth to the mic it's a tour de force and now you rockin with the golden state warrior The roof already raised what your hands up for all you gotta do is jump til you break the floor

You know what we came to do - We came to freak the funk
Davey Davey make em jump for joy Davey Davey make em jump for joy
You know what we came to do - We came to freak the funk
David Eff hit the floor homie, break it in two and let em know what we came to do

Some break on the floor, I just break the floor now stomp up and down til your ankles sore Do the math one Eff couple D's and it's plain to see I got my ill degree Yeah this man's spittin galactic transmissions and I can't stand sittin got too much ambition so we ambush the scene with the first release like I was riding through the ghetto on a wildebeest Bring your sunscreen out I got so much shine A lone silver dollar in a jar full of dimes yeah time to make it fresh cuz it feels so muggy with the flow so fierce I'll put you back in your huggies I bring it to you fly par avion there's milk and there's meat and filet mignon- So tell me carnivore what you had for dinner enough meat on the bone this last you all winter Cuz we drop hot coffee on the crotch of hip hop Get a tourniquet cuz the flow won't stop Like hopscotch I'm on my way to the top and if my rhymes outrun the beat when then I guess it'll drop Gettin kinda rowdy at the end of the song Settle down children we can all get along now push shove jump as one and break through the floor til the kingdom come

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