Galactic Mantra - Liquid Soul Remix
Album/MovieGoa & Trance Heroes
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I am light

I am infinite
I am the channel
I am expanding
I am psychedelic
I am vibration
I am timeless
I am unity
I am activating
I am resonant
I am galactic
I am radiant
I am defined
I am electric
I am lunar
I am magnetic
I am planetary
I am balanced
I am organized
I am connected
I am inspired
I am in harmony
I am integrity
I am perfect
I am manifestation
I am dissolving
I am releasing
I am liberated
I am dedicated
I am universalized enduring and transcending mantra
I am being
I am communicating
I am spirit
I am breathing
I am cosmic
I am essence
I am power
I am action
I am dreaming
I am abundance
I am intuition
I am GOD
I am extreme
I am internal and external
I am flowering
I am clocking
I am aware
I am life force
I am surviving
I am DMT
I am spiraling
I am art
I am accomplishing
I am healing
I am beauty
I am elegance
I am pure
I am flowing
I am love
I am chakras
I am coinciding
I am playing
I am magic
I am illusive
I am free will
I am wise
I am exploring
I am space and time
I am waking life
I am vivid
I am enchanting
I am timelessness, incomplete infinite design
I am alien
I am human
I am receptive
I am vision
I am energy
I am mindful
I am questioning
I am answering
I am intelligent
I am fearless
I am evolving
I am opening my 3rd eye to the unseen vision, translating
I am synchronicity
I am reflecting
I am endlessness
I am order and chaos
I am the tao
I am crystalized
I am self generation
I am affirming
I am enlightened
I am life
I am a tone
I am a color
I am electronic
I am lunar and solar opposite and polar language
I am radial
I am particles of plasma
I am endurance
I am cosmic
I am releasing
I am liberating
I am perfect
I am pulsing
I am realizing
I am the One because the One are all
I am form
I am in the infinite nothing that becomes the everything
I am symbolic
I am relative
I am the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws projecting a digital loom, the tool of experiencing the desire and finding ecstasy in process
I am me, we are you

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