Get Ur Freak On (Remix)"(feat. Nelly Furtado
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Get Ur Freak On (Remix)"(feat. Nelly Furtado
REMIX! with Nelly Furtado . . .
Come in and I landed [repeated in the background]

Come in and I landed [repeated in the background]

She's a freak and I'm a cheif head banger with the top down low on the flow
cause your so fresh (fresh!) like b-boys with vests like runners' carved chests ? hehehehe
I run like the breeze to catch this life but sometimes get a need til I bleed!
There's truth, I go, there's around, I will tell it A story, on the planet
Missy come in and I landed! Well where did she come from?
This international goddess sun so get your hands up like this hun
until the party's just begun! So come over to my house and that's where
this song's from a less for the laugh from west coast version portugese
diva! And Missy's the woman who always be cooking, says somethin' for Neltado
who come dip her vibin from DC to DJ and all around the world come giddy up
giddy up back back up to my girl!

UN get ur freak on [repeated]
Get [scatted] Get ur freak on!

Who's that bitch?

Me me! Nelly Nelly Nelly Furtado all in your stereo
I'm pumpin louder please don't tell me you don't like the flow . . .
You got the means to put down so lemme step it -- YO!

It's a original flow, people better lay low, stick you up like velcro
cause me and Nelly say SO!

I'm doin how we do -- some strange loose thing and crew
Because my fire springs your head round right MISSY!

Get ur freak on! [repeated]
Get [scatted] get ur freak on! Get [scatted] ahhhh!

They want dance,
Everybody gettin freak-deaky want dance,
grab your partners tightly by the ass and want dance,
move your body swiftly to the beat and want dance!
They want dance, they want dance!
Everybody crunk in the club - they want dance!
Everybody hot and on the block - they want dance!
Everybody gettin freak-deaky want dance, they want dance!

Get ur freak on! [repeated]
Get [scatted] get ur freak on! Get [scatted] yeah yeah! ahhhhhhh!

[thanks to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] for correcting these lyrics]

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