Girlfriend Cast feat. Vincent Rodriguez III - I've Got My Head In The Cloud
Album/MovieTo Josh, With Love (From "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend")
ArtistsCrazy Ex-Girlfriend Cast feat. Vincent Rodriguez III
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I've got my head in the clouds
'Cause that's where heavin is
No longer stuck in the muck on the ground
I figured out how to live
It's with my head in the clouds
Got no cares anymore
No obligations are holding me down
That's what religion is for

Reality was getting so complicated
All the drama was getting insane
But now I've given my life to mr. Jesus Christ
So I'm speeding down the carpool lane
God's my e-z pass

I've got my head in the clouds
Blessed with a pernament smile
I feel just like little baby Moses
On the day he was found on de-Nile
It is just a river in Egypt
I was almost toast but
Now I got the holy ghost

My puzzle is solved
'Cause I'm absolved
My life will be splendid
Now that I've transcended
When things get scary
Just say ten Hail Maries
I'm turning off my shroud
With my head in the clouds

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