God Blocked It - (Live at Carnival City)
Album/MovieSpirit of Praise, Vol. 6 (Live at Carnival City)
ArtistsSpirit Of Praise feat. Women of Praise
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There were dangers awaiting me
Destruction was sure to be
But thank God for angels
That were shielding and protecting
And looking out for me
Thank You, Lord

The Devil had a plan to kill me, I know
But God intercepted his plan
And told the Devil, "No"

God blocked it
He wouldn't let it be so
No, He wouldn't let it be so

I know Haven't lived a perfect life
Seems I've done wrong more than I've done right
But thank God for compassion and forgiveness
That kept me from a terrible plight

You see my life was spinning out of control
The fact that I'm still alive today is nothing; nothing but a miracle

God blocked it, He wouldn't let be so; No

So I've got work to do
God wouldn't let me down
Oh yes
And I've got life to live
There are blessings
He want's to give
God blocked it,
He wouldn't let me fall
No, He wouldn't let it be so

God blocked it
He wouldn't let it be so
It was the Lord
Nobody but Jesus

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