Grapples of War (feat. Donnie Castro)
Album/MovieTerror Tapes, Vol. 1
ArtistsSick Jacken, Cynic & Donnie Castro
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The revolution will not be televised
The revolution will be no rerun, brothers. The revolution will be live.

Uh. What. It will not be televised, it will unfold before all of our eyes. All my soldiers in line until the day we die. The SS army. C'mon.

Man I'm a soldier in the army of God
I don't study Islam but I believe in Jihad
I bring terror like the crew Hamas
And I don't believe in hanging all my faith on a cross
I'm from the era when these rappers were hard
And they spit more knowledge not just bullet scars and cars
They all confused on who the fuck they are
I hope I live long though it contradicts my song
Man I have a young seed so I must succeed
Worry about all my nieces out there on the streets
And my nephews out carrying heat
Gotta chill and prepare for the day to fight the beast
They say the revolution won't be televised
It will unfold before our eyes with our soldiers in line
But they're not human so they're killing our kind
Feeding us lies, hoping that our mind might die

Paragraphs that cut in half, your mind stayed hashed
Change a psychopath, break away from slave chains that got you trapped
I got a real message for your camp
There's a lot of knowledge buried in these lines beyond gangster rap
I surgically remove the cancer that affects your mind, body, and soul
Even with warriors the story gets old
The poor be shackled in the grapples of war
While our mothers spending time crying in chapels and morgues
And we blame it on the cracker of course, the firecracker goes off
Triggers don't pull themselves, we give them the force
You want to find the source of evil, man? Look at the cost
A lot of people dying all for insignificant wars
And we're governed by the simplest laws, the first ten of the cross
We're lost angels in the city of gods
You ain't the only one, this world has suffered and lost
The war's easy but peace seems harder to come across

I'm a mix between Gandhi and Genghis Khan
I love war in which the people will win
The evilest men, they sacrifice innocent life
For dinner tonight, killer I'm defending the mic
Donnie not a playboy cause I'm matching shoes
Matching tools, hunt and capture the fools
Attacking the crew, pull out the blam on you dudes
Ever since mommy told me I should join the Sith
Learned to flip then things became intense
It was declared in the US I die on the fence
So I made blueprints and dug into the trench
Clark Kent, you could never save me at all
I'm shady and raw and got guts like out of the morgue
Feel like going on tour's more like a war
While you're hopping out your Porsche my tongue slice like swords
Fucking eight off, fortified in your Ford

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