I'll Be There For You
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Saw you this morning, with that look in your eyes
I hate to see you looking like, you're lost and lonely
It isn't easy when you're all by yourself
Don't you worry, I hear you 'cause I know what it's like
And if you look you'll find, I got you on my mind 'cause baby
I'll be there for you
When you need sombody I'll be there for you
When you want someone who cares
When you're down and feeling blue I'll be there I'll be there for you
When you call me, I'll be there I wanna show you how good it will be
Never needed anyone the way I need you right now
You know you'll never be alone anymore
We can make it, together It's gonna be all right
And if you look you'll find, I got you on my mind 'cause baby

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