Killing My Love
Album/MovieSuper EuroBeat presents Initial D Best Selection
ArtistsLeslie Parrish
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You' re gonna destroy my love
With your actions you destroy my heart
Always bad surprises tell me tell me why
You treat my feelings like a toy

Baby make up make up make up your mind's time wake up
They gave us just one life to live
Baby love and love and love me love is what is worthing
The most important thing to give

But you're?
Killing my love and it will destroy me
But you're
Killing love my heart' s disappointing
I' ll love you forever but please don' t say never
I' ll keep your remember so deep in my heart

But you're
Killing my love and it will destroy me
But you're
Killing my live my heart' s disappointing
A dream lasts forever if we dream together
I don' t want to believe in love anymore

You're gonna destroy my life
I was thinking to become your wife
You give me million of your lies tell me tell me why
You think that love is not a joy

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