Kiss Me Baby, I'm Always Here For You
Album/MovieNorth Hangook Falling
ArtistsMike Park
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The attic keeps living so easy to pay
With a roommate who never comes by just to say
“Hello here's the rent I'll be staying more often”
We say “That's great,” but you never come by all the same

I've got to help it's too much
I'm lazy are you giving up
Count to three
I plan to protect you from me

Kiss me baby, I'm always here for you

The bike path is lonely
The trails go so far
I've been speaking in tongues the past year just for fun
And the crowd cheers for someone they're scoring a goal

But who gives a care now it's just such a bore
The paper kills rock and the mind makes a choice
To express the forgiveness and hold it for more

Are you crazy?
I haven't felt lonely in years
Since you lay close to me and extend me a tear

Kiss me baby, I'm always here for you

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