Kung Wala Ka
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Natapos na ang lahat
Nandito pa rin ako
Hetong nakatulala
Sa mundo, sa mundo

Hindi mo maiisip
Hindi mo makikita
Ang mga pangarap ko
Para sa 'yo, para sa 'yo

Hindi ko maisip
Kung wala ka
Sa buhay ko

Nariyan ka pa ba?
Hindi ka na matanaw
Kung merong madadaanang
Pasulong, pasulong

Sundan mo ang paghimig na lulan
Na aking pinagtatanto
Sundan mo ang paghimig ko

In English:

It's over between us
But I'm still here
Right here, staring blankly
at the world

You will have no idea
You will not ever see
All my dreams
For you
For you

I can't imagine
Without your presence
oh...In my life

Are you still there?
You're too far away from me, so far that I can't see
If ever I can move on
Move on

Follow harmony's journey
That I have woven
Follow my harmony

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