Losambo (Live)
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ArtistsExtra Musica
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Losambo ya Extra
tata nzamne yo ka losambo eh, losambo losambo

God father= tata Nzambe
yoka losambo ya bana = listen to the parayers of your sons
tolamukaka na tongo=they get up every morning
po toluka la vie= to look for a better life
tolamukaka na tongo po tomeka nzoto
=they get up to try to(get a better life)
pesa nguya papa= give them power
po tokaka yango= in order to make them succeed

1st solo
ah nzambe tata= oh god
yo okeli ngayi= you created me
sima ya biloko binso ya se= after all the things on the earth
yo opesi moto mayele = you gave the man the intelligence
koleka biloko binso okela= more than all things you created

2nd solo
mokili etondi pasi= the world is full of pains
mokili etondi mabe= the world is full of evils
nzambe allah salisa ngai eh =God Allah help me
baninga bazuaka se na realité
nzambe= my friends succeed in the reality
oyo ya ngai se na ndoto= but me in dreams
yahwe salisa nga,= yahwhe help me
nzambe tata= god the father
ah ngai muana= me your son

3rd solo
nakofukama = i bow down
tika na senga na yahwe = i ask to yahwhe
ye moto asala likolo na se= Him who has made sky and earth
tata mozalisi= father creator
tika na senga epayi na yo tata = let me beg to you father
salisa biso papa= help us father
na mokili oyo ya se= in this world

nani moto apesa pema= who has given us the breath
mokolo akobotola yango oyo nde bilelo=
the day he will get it back, what a mourning

oh nakosenga na yo nzambe= i ask to you
mosalisisi= the helper
bikisia biso bana ya le congo= save us the sons of Congo
bitumba bitondi na mboka oyo= this country is full of wars
brazzaville etondi pasi = brazzaville is full of pain

otikaka caina = you abadonned cain (the brother of Abel)
otikaka batu ya Noé= you abadonned the men at Noah time
otikaka sodome na gomorhe= you abandonned sodoma and gomorha
tala pasi na biso=but take a look at our pains

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