Love the Hate
Album/MovieBizaardvark (Music from the TV Series)
ArtistsOlivia Rodrigo feat. Madison Hu
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U gotta love the haters who critisize your art do everything they tell you because theyre really smart:
Hey paige touch up your lips Thank you for the make up tips
Yo frankie you look weak check out my brand new fiktik
you gotta love the haters and all theyre helpfull words
theyll make you super gorgous so u dont look absurd
Boo frankie you cant sing ill auto tune everything
theres no action im so bored heres a robot overload
you gotta love the haters they tell u when u stink
they give u all the answers so u dont have to think
pop is awful how bout some good ol' country tunes now we've got a big old player and this guy with spoons
Country tunes i say heck no how bout some awesome techno
so what do u think have we gotten greater??
This guy says girls stink...
Were dudes now u gotta love the haters (gotta love the haters) u gotta love the haters u gotta love the haters
U gotta love the haters
Im sorry i know i messed up and its probably wrong :(

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