Make The Music With Your Mouth, Biz
Album/MovieGoin' Off
ArtistsBiz Markie
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[Biz Markie]
Ah one two, ah one two
Ah one two, ah one two
I'd like to.. introduce myself..
My name is.. ah Biz Markie..

[Verse One]
Well I'm the human ultra called Biz Markie
Makin music orderly is my specialty
When I go {*BOOM*} ah one two, girls get excited
When they hear my lyrics they wanna recite 'em
I know y'all in the mood, just go with the flow
And I can play rappin records and all disco
Like "Beat It," "Billie Jean," by Michael Jackson
Or the Treacherous 3 record, they call "Action"
When you hear me do it, you will be shocked and amazed
It's the brand new thing they call the human beatbox craze

Make the music with your mouth, biz!
[Biz Markie beatboxes]
Make the music with your mouth, biz!
[Biz Markie beatboxes]
Make the music with your mouth, biz!
[Biz Markie beatboxes]

[Verse Two]
Well I don't just do the beatbox, I rock on the mic
And all the rhymes that I say, all the people like
I get the crowd jumpin, get the girl's hearts pumpin
All the party people say, "Isn't he somethin?"
Rock from New York City all the way down South
Sayin rhymes and makin music, with my mouth
I'ma tell you party people how I began
It started when I'm livin in Long Is-land
Hey when I was a kid I used to play in the streets
Makin sounds with my mouth, all sorts of beats
Grown people, used to say - WHAT?
Grown people, used to say - WHAT'S..
.. wrong with that kid makin that strange noise
It was like, for all the fly girls and all the homeboys
Then I tried it at a homeboy's basement par-ty
They thought it was a record, they ain't know it was me
When they came by the DJ, and saw who it is
They said, "Make the music with your mouth, Biz!"


[song continues as just a beat for a while]

[Verse Three]
It may look and sound easy doin the human beatbox
But it's real difficult, even knocked me out my socks
It's a movement combination with your lip tongue and throat
Use your teeth and your nose for a mysterious high note
I like doin it as a hobby or a job
People treat me like a star and surround me in the mall
It's not all the props, spittin, breathin hard and doin
You need practice, be ambitious in the schoolin
Let me tell you party people, you gotta admit
Anything than you want you gotta work hard for it
That's why I like doin sounds, that's hard to achieve
Makin two or three sounds at one time you can't believe
When I walk down the street, people crowd around me
And say, "HOW YOU MAKE ALL THEM SOUNDS at one time Biz Markie?"
I tell 'em it takes a lot of practice, and lip control
I've been doin it since, fifteen years old
And everywhere I do it, the people say I'm good
I even get big respect in my own neighborhood
I'm tellin you a fact, and just like it is
Even moms pops and cops say, "Whattup Biz?"
Everywhere I go, I always rocked the boat
Gonna end this rhyme, with this one note
Not gonna act conceited and say I'm the best
But I'm guaranteed to pass any kind of test
I say def rhymes, with funky fresh lyrics
When I do the beat the party people go into HYSTERICS!


[Verse Four]
You heard the proceedin, now here's the sequel
All human beatboxes is not created equal
That's why I'm here, to say today
That I'm doin my beat in a special way
Makin musical tunes, orally, I have perspective
I'm very well known, and greatly respected
I like to thank people, without no doubt
Peace hi party people it's time to break ou..

[Outro - singing while Biz beatboxes]
Make the music.. make the music..
MAKE THE MUSIC.. with your mouth!
Make the music.. make the music..
MAKE THE MUSIC.. with your mouth!
Make the music.. make the music..
MAKE THE MUSIC.. with your mouth!
Make the music.. make the music..
MAKE THE MUSIC.. with your mouth!

MAKE THE MUSIC.. with your mouth!

[Biz continues beatboxing and scatting to the end]

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