Miracle in the Making (Oliver's Song)
Album/MovieMiracle in the Making (Oliver's Song)
ArtistsNelson at the Helm
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Son, your father and I are in love.
We've had good times and we've had rough,
But there's one thing we've known:

No matter what lies ahead,
If there's no roof over our beds,
You'll always have a home.

My father, your grandfather said to me,
"Find the truth and you'll be free."
His words, they still remain.

I'll show you how to be a man.
When the wind blows,
How to stand.

There's tigers to be tamed.
There's tigers to be slain.

A thought can become a word
That flies away like a bird
And sings to all he meets.

Some would say that you are small;
That you couldn't change the world at all,
But don't despise the meek.

A man is never truly told
How his life is to unfold.
Those eyes will see mountains moved.

Your mother and I,
We have prayed.
We've been on our knees for many days.
We've longed for someone just like you.
We've longed for someone just like you.

Long before you were ever born,
We've been waiting for our,

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