Missing Someone
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ArtistsDJ Quads
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Missing someone
Missing someone

Missing someo-one
That you love with full of your heart
That you know how much you're missing
And you did write from the stars
(Write from the stars)
'Cause I never did love you

Missing someo-one
Is as normal as can be
And since I lost my baby
I am sad and so lonely
(Sad and so lonely)

But when I opened her last letter
This is what I win
(What I win)

Darling - I found another
It means more to me than you
So I guess what I'm sayin' is

Oh I tried
I tried to love the one
Who wanted to take my hand
But I found another love
And I hope you do understand

I - hope you understa-and
And I hope that you find someone new
'Cause I never did love you

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