Mr. Anonymou
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you don’t even know my name/who are you son?/and where do you come from?/tell me now/coz I’m tired of asking your name/and you don’t even see my face/mirror/mirror/am I really ugly?/yup/ok/now you can judge me

I’m anonymous/Mr. Anonymous/Mr. You Don’t Wanna See/Mr. Ominous/Mr. Silent/lurking in the background/ba/ba/pum/ba/ba/pum/I never back down/Mr. Stonefish/you don’t wanna feel me/but I’m patient/out for the kill/see/I’m a wraith/baby/cloaked in your proxy/I’d like to/see what you got/that can stop me/yup

I used to have a dream about life in the fast lane/but that s**t/didn’t work out/I keep my darts aimed/keep my spears tipped/yeah you need to hear this/chest puffed/ego way out of alignment/and Freud would have a field day with me/baby/timing/is everything/like trying to give away your wedding ring/the clock ticks/lightning strikes/fear setting in/running out of steam/running out of mojo/but I ain’t going out like that/baby/oh no/the eye is watching/don’t think for a second/that you ain’t being scoped/by the world’s secret sections/illuminated/yeah you best believe it/and if I die in a month’s time/you know the reason/I want induction/I want in your circles/my career needs a kick-start/I need your virtues/send your welcoming committee/I ain’t crazy/f**k it/I can see what you did for Jay-Z/what

novus/ordo/world/now baby twirl/yo/dance like a puppet/feel the force/you can touch it/young queen/you don’t need to keep pumping/the mindlessness of the radio lala/controlled by the lightning bolt/through Lady Gaga/penis to the sky/impregnate the planet/I feel the power/I wanna have it/I need a lift/yeah/I need that black magic/but they won’t let me in/I’m outside in the sand pits/you let Taylor Swift in/I want the same deal/I can remain calm/I can stay still/humiliate me live on your next award show/but I may break Kanye’s nose/yo/I warn you/M.K. Ultra/yeah/my f**king brain’s fried/but so’s yours/it’s happening the same time/if I get murdered/there’ll be no one who can prove it/but I’ll be sure to say what’s up/to Stanley Kubrick

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