Never Die (feat. Reconcile)
Album/MovieDeath Before Love
ArtistsRoy Tosh feat. Reconcile
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You won't shut us down we on another level
Heaven is our home and we will never settle
Even when our heart stops we'll never die
Take a look at history, we multiply

Going throigh it again
there working like it's over time
(?) told me to go to that bar
i swear it's so much on ma mind
late nights i can't sleep, my heart will not stop
beat down, so anxious, wish time would just stop
now hold up, let me re-focus
you see me fall but i'll never fall
stay chasin' after these dreams
tear me down, that's gasoline
fuelin' up on my fire
gettin' low so i can get higher
that is all around me, bout to go hay-wire
tried this all on my own strength
but that never works, just more regrets
now let's go get it
representing for you
trynna bear me some fruit
even when im in these trenches, His love is relentless

take a look at this
got king in my(?) they ride for me
they say there's no hope
i promise i get it

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