Never Had It Ea
Album/MovieSwine Flew
ArtistsThe Chicharones
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Verse 1 - JM
Here Here Dear/How Many of You here like Beer From
Where ya come From?
Near Here? Now do you, dear? Hear me, now hear this...
We are the Chichis, we reach these heights easily!
And fight for the scraps of what scene stealers fiend
to be...

Skeezers and teasers/ Trailblazers and lazer beards
All around weirdos, digging deep for their hairdos
Idleness, fashion, so fulsome and buxom
Flotsam and jetsam, it all floats in the ocean.

And we be kicking back with that headstrong Hit Song!
The kind that'll add a little light to your's
nice once you catch on.
Twitter me this...catch all, latch key kid, Adderall!
Keyed out eyes, that's why they look so detached (my my
my my)

Its all new metal and money, cocaine and the clubbing,
kids fucking in public and whut of it you Republican.
You can't catch me in this castle im the King,
and this mocking bird sings what i tells it to sing.

( MYMYMY) I could go crazy...and noone would know it.
Everyone's crazy...You know we all can go at a moment’s
I could go crazy...And Drown in the ocean...
Why wouldn't you want to?

Verse 2 - Sleep
It’s been hard times, never had it easy, but I’m
grateful for the strength I’m gaining
When I’m painting words I’m taking aim on issues on my
[ From: ]
tinted windows in front of each letter, V for vendetta,
we’ve been getting better, never giving up the fight
no matter if they ever ever get it I’m gonna tell it to
you louder, balance out the power paint the city redder

Driving with poetic license I’m the kind of guy who
likes to kill it when I try it but...
most people like easy won’t supply mindless cuts
Only fire when the mic. gets touched. We spark light
when we bust ,
we try for life to crush Never giving up the fight
till’ dust!

Till the death of me it will be part of my soul and
what’s left of me after I go...
oh oh oh oh (we weren't born here to stay)

But it never felt better to live and I got a lot of
love to give
and I want to spend it with my sons and daughter so I
got to handle my biz
and I can’t want what is his, everybody got a different
and a different experience but you just get what you

Respect what you got be who you are
don’t rep what you’re not
and I got to say it how I feel it even if it isn’t
easy, try to take a second reckon with it
better meditating better said in better cadence, I’m a
dedicated man of patience

JM: Lift this weight from me...
Sleep: I’ll be strong you’ll see.

Shoo wah shoo wah (4x)

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