No Time To Die
Album/MovieCircle The Dead
ArtistsBuried in Verona
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Alone and in despair
I'm disgraced and aware of my undoing
There's no time to die
I've even got no spine left to hide
My pain forced inside
Try and stop this, try and save me
God I'm slipping, help I'm sinking
Take all that you want, take all that want from me
I'll never be what you want
You've lost the game and you have all but broken me
So sad to see lesson learned, hearts left open
I feel so empty, so black with decay
I am diseased from the inside, the outsides fading
This pressure of my life circles above me
It's beating me down for all the shit I take
Please help my mind, my body to somewhere it finds peace
My soul shall bare my pain
This pressure of my life circles above me
It's beating me down for all the shit I've done

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