Oluwa is involved
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Haaaaaa!!! Haaaaaa Heheheeeee
ξnnora na me ne boys no da k)m (αgoo)
Yε shark baako pε ne nsa asi fom (now!)
Obiara, ne cash alocki
You know where I'm coming from? (Yes!))mo a,)mo dan wo ka yε nipadom (ooops haaaa)
Mo ma yεn nka na ohia yε fucking (now)
Wo ara hwε barimma mua, obaabesia na)tua wo dropping
Wo ni weε! (Wei!)
ξnnε mmere yi mu yε b) mpaboa ase talking (hahaa)
ξnnε Nyame adom aben a, yεn k) start popping (haaaaa)
Yεn start six (now)
Yεnk) poppy jango na yεn nk) τοα so w) twist (wei!)
Cash no bom a, you see the rollers on my wrist (now)
Ohemaa,)d) nea wo cause I insist (yeah)
Kakra bε hyε wo ho a, you see the bitches show you love (wei!)
Yε hwε me diin yε gyama Sark a start fraud (hahaaa hεhεhε)
Anaa)suck blood (now)
Nea wo ka fa me ho biara I don't give a fuck
Cause Oluwa is involved He's involved!! Oluwa is involved
He's involved! (Now) men!! Oluwa is involved gaddamn it he is involved
Oluwa is involved (wei!) oluwa is involved cause Oluwa is involved Bidibiponbidi
Oluwa is involved (now)gadamn it
He is involved
He's is involved (wei!) oluwa is involved h's involved! bidibiponbidi (now!!)
Every 23 balls is unique
24/7 niggars say the balls are pretigue
Is your boy Paedizle on the beat
Keep killing your radio
Murder your stereo
Everywhere we go, 2Bees on repeat
Daddy's chick she afreaking the sheets
Play dirty on the street
All she talks is money er'day on the week
Fun lie lay low
For her son up keeps
School fees for her son succeed
She put her life back seat
It took a toll on her physique
But she said she is happy for her son fat ckeeks
Fast forward her son made it big
Moved from the ghetto bought her mama big crib
crib so big
I think its worth his fate
Cause Oluwa is involved
I said Oluwa is involved.
yes think about it
Oluwa is involved
I said Oluwa is involved

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