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I'm on my Horus so boarish you just Spud McKenzie-get peeled by this Bosshog oh so heavy-with the Apopis send em to Shadow Master-with the Alley ShaDow blaster-I Daniel Boone-your Mario Suit-until it's da hardest on stone P-Wing Suit-times Tokimon Suit-flying high stoned until the Third Eye blooms-and cries tears of a Era New-I never believed those liars when they said Kaze was getting his ribs removed-just to pull off a Marilyn Manson to succ his shroom-named Toot-why cuz there are Tremor and Anaconda movies that's the proof-they went to Craiglist and wanted a mark off-so I gave them one a discount how I pimp like a Gorella and make them other pimps mark soft-I gave them hoes there fill up-they rode it to hard my dicc still up-all these trap goons-done paid they trap dues-thanks to the mixtape circuits anybody will Co sign you-as long as your money cool-niggaz get killed for that verified badge that's blue-they shoot ya like a cop with tef tips dat run right thru-ninjaz scared of blowing up they be dead before the nights through-come get your picture took with Mak 11 Da Foxx-I spit Omen Lighting Boltz then the Sky Falls Down On Da Blocc-right on da chiccens by da flocc-my cocc is they last request on there bawk-I'm The Midnight Man bringing the new Dusk Till Dawn-overdose off the blacc on my hip hop like Herajuana Chron-you told me I need to get ahead now you ain't got no head homie-leave them to rest with the other dead phonies-while they wish they were dead homies-praying to get watered with dem forties-remembered as vets fa sholy-to chants of God Bless Da Homies-I be the vest dats unholy-using my dark powers the Devils Lucc to keep us good and Holy-ironically-without a iron heat-so smooth iron crease-that stand up for me-like I stand up for Da Team-they fly like Peter Pan-they Lost Boys with the thirst for my girls dat are way to bad-my bad girls tell em you better go to Wendy's and throw some mayo on dat-and wash it down with some free refills for the lostness that the thirst has- I'm off the chain so SyFy until the end like Monster Wolf-the way I shoots this Don KazeLunati blows in yo body like a 12 gauge shooty da proof-I leave a blue flame burning forever in my Circle of Trues-it can't help but burn with the blue flame like White Lighting do-when it comes to being original for Ages "Dey Can't"-I floss my teeth and spit that plaque-and abolish these other Artists plaques-but you say yours was Flac-but you a recycled Artist and your albums recycled cans-you a biter on repeat we all believe that-my Copyrights made sho of that-but you say with your bitch ass-that my Raps are recycled yeah that's a fact-recycled by biters like you that can't rap-so you steal styles like a bitch and get put on the list that's black-but what about this fade you could catch?-you get beat like a L-Dog until you a Blacc Lab-now take that bacc to the Lab-and bark dat-on your recycled tracc-I'll knocc out your teeth and you can spit that-that's the plaque-now floss that-as I floss with some celebrity bitches G-Strings and put them on blast-Ima Original Pioneer I don't need to bite, borrow, or steal-just to try to make a mill-where I'm from you luccy to live tomorrow and bite the steele-and that's your meal-on the real-I want to visit my ninjaz in The Pen-for all the times I never had visits in The Pen-I'm watching the Birds fly in the sky with my One Eye-they more like Ghetto Nighthawks with a spotlight-it's hard to be Scott Free-with Mr.Summers Infra Red trained on me-even if you was the X-Men-might as well be the hexed men-balling like a King at a young age-on that Thomas Starr page-that's why I got the Lean Flow by the Fountain Avenue-just fax my fair and keep it clean like me balling at Fairfax High School-all bad hoes love me like John I marsh all the unlucky Ninjaz-got them in the swamps but they still my Twinjaz-got love fo em in twins like Twixers-we got the Pine Trees by the Park-they will keep you in the Highlands sparked-with the best Resin Sap on the bark-flip it like Baby Doe's to Luminaria's-roll it up by the Ramona Blvd. until they fatter then Ramona Burrito's-who needs the one in Gardena?-we been balling atop Ascot Hills-feeling like Buddah looking at Jade Street at Woodrow Wilson you know the deal-whittle my life away like the bleacher wooden seats with the carving of Kill At Will-went from shooting basketballs high as fucc to shooting to get high with the steele-had me on hard Yellowstone Street-for the National Park Caverns and rocks no need-had me lost in the madness of the weed-like Druid Street-but I still keep it clean no excuses from the first Gateside-how I drive-in my G-Ride-through the streets where the Angel's reside-as well as the Devil's in Angel's disguise-my real homies know I'm always down to roll man-like a rowing band-on Rowan Ave-and if they fell off we did mang-no Ditman-I run way long on my Eastern-everyday I give my Wife my colorful eggs and tell her Happy Easter-that's why she stays high where nobody can reach her-driving on the freeway with my fam I see Dope hit up in white-we going to Ascot Hills Park where it's high-to play basketball after Friday-on the way bacc I see Saber hit up in light orange we going back to East L.A the Slaylands-back to the N.B.A where we play at-basketball in the driveway-I fill up the Frisco Bay with Lean and Vodka by Belvedere-the escape from the hood is like Alcatraz same type of Belvedere-it's Marvel City like leaving the X-Men-Wonder City no Weber's no lames no need to mention-I spit everyday and flip the Eastside City of Angel's Green Island on Brooklyn Ave. in Belvedere-into the Angel Island's & the Island of Belvedere-from the Center like M.P to Corinthian Island from Ridecrest, Crestvista to Crest Road-Belvedere Tiburon 94920-from Coyote Pass-to Golden Gate Ave.-I spit these true blue scenes by the Sea-Air Brushed Bluetiful Beauties-that you can't picture in every man's dream-unless my Magical 8-Ball on my Joker Hat I bring-live from Disney Land's Main Street-to the Mainstream-bring the Colorful Lightshow and turn Main Street-in L.A into the new Las Vegas Strip-now how many Casino's can you put on it-we ain't taking no greasy bribes-that come with salty fries-fresh lettuce only-straight from Subway the Lil Homies-it ain't no puzzle or Quizno-hoes pay me to bounce on my Togo Pogo-so Original Trapstar Topo-I'm homegrown gotta stay in the Set with Da Roots-water them with the Lean Flow which is 126 Proof-that's how you stay free and get the money the truth-it might as well be the other side of the world Sunset Blvd in Pacific Pallisades-it's way different from Riggin & Brooklyn Cesar Chavez the Eastside of L.A-we on them Illegal Politicers like a I.P-there address is R.T.S "Return To Sender" they can't breathe-if I was in the Ritz Carlton with some bling bling stunting-you'd still know it was me even though the building shiny even when it thundah-no lighting-just my icing-that them bad hoes caked me out with-she let me badoink her ass-until the sex app-straight collapsed-there was nothing after that-but me sporting a one eye patch-we take shits bigger then you-on two empty intestines on that Cesar Chavez fasting with no food-clicced up with The Ramadon and the Muslim Crews-just ask Chuck Norris burried in the ground trying to eat ants on the rice fool-here use my Time Machine go back in time and ask Chuck & get a clue-if you gave me a choice between 3 Million legit bills or 30 Million dirty bills-I would always choose 3 Million legit on da real-30 Million dirty bills gets traced now it's all uphill-they wash you up in the Feds with no plea bargain deal-stucc with the Root Of All Evil-the most baddest people-deemed by Society as more then just lethal-these funnystyle punks succed the bull out of it-like no bull dyke just tips-they got hit looking real gay and funny on dicc-then they rode the bullets quicc-to the Land of Dill and Funny-how they got paid like the Land of Bills and Money-I'm a mean Lean nigga I cut up my Medusa bitch and feed her Coral Snakes-on her Musurrana plate-she always hungry for me like a Ethiopian that survived the last Somalian-she better scoop me up in the Big Winniebagel cuz my shit is ready to go-set to explode-30 feet long plus moe-I'm glad Magic didn't shake my hand at the Laker and Trailblazer Game-I wouldn't be here right now I would died slow maybe and rotted away-in the hole as a dying slave-they would of gave me some pills to speed up the virus the way they hate-we will be in the Pokinos-no stretching me and Gumby no-no Pokey loc-this niggaz so old and still spitting the wise man's truth?-the only brothers the same age as him is The Jurassic 5 & The Roots-Original Trapstar all day-how we catch thangs-like the big net on Avalanche Way-honey trap hoes looking for they kiss-they some boo boo mistakes I'm going to continue to miss-them hoes be hella mad when I tell them no-now they wanna be my Trap Queen and locc me bacc up in the 4-cuz I didn't invite them into my Foxx Den-with the other Chiccen Heads-when I gave them my calling card Da Sky Is Fallean-I'm a Crip nigga chuccing up the C call me El Hapo-tryna move it legit on Forbes like a Asiatic El Chapo-we gotta gotta flip it-to Pappilon Staples from Butterfly Stitches-hoes be acting to clam tight with they sand dollars-Ima Pimp Jap Slap em like a Giant Smashing Mantis Shrimp straight to Allah-WITH MY SHAKA ZULU SPEAR TIP-THIS IS HOW I SNATCH HOES UP JUST WHAT THEY WAS PRAYING LIKE A MANTIS FOR MY LITTLE SHRIMPS-like a Giant Spearing Mantis Shrimp-the underwater Mak 11 Da Foxx-take them fish like chiccens to my underwater den in the sea like the sky no prob-with my underwater stinger spear my cocc-my Preying Mantis bitch be rolling hard like a balling Cannibal-especially the way she swallowed my hard ass cannon balls-she got my One Eye Pirate Cannon on Raw-on cocca doodle doo-I feed it to her too-that's my Lady KazeLoon-I also feed my Gorellas in The Pen locced bacc-Magazines like Bananna Clips in Da Mac-enough that they could sleep on them like mats-on da racc-they always pop up like Monkey Shines on da clap-bacc out of the Fortune Well bacc-by popular demand-from the BrookLAnd-man I thought she would know how to act-they I straight pimped her off the Mann Act-a ninja with a cold frost Tooty yeah-a prostitute hell naw that's blah blah blah-we don't hear none of that-she give me that billion dollar brain-like a Pre Cod in the Shark Tank-her every thought even on THOT is fountain of life drank-nothing but money on her brain-and my serial numbers on her Big Face-I put my special see through strip in the middle of her mang-that's my silky trapstar strang-on bang bang-the sale went off without a hitch-ironic cuz she married to my dicc-it was free since I ain't going to jail for selling the shit-I got that 380 rechangable ammo type of Tattooist-he can switch it up and cover any caliber Mac flash quicc-have a Raider fan switch-to the Titan's quicc-I'm a number 1 stunnah like Dyson with the sideline touchdown and win-isn't it ironic Tight Ends-sounds like Titan's-make them Piarate Girls jump ship-to this-new One Eye Patch Insane Clicc-Tennessee Tody-in my Lady Tooty's bodies-until they more then just Godly-mang the way them bad freaks ate my Tooty and got lost on the road-ok XYZ road-didn't make it bacc to ABC but they said it was still delicous though-I know it's the desert but mang they brang a new definition to Vulture Circle-I got the real original Mic Key-they call me Mickey-in The Castle Of Illusion-with the Colorful Jewels that shine with Reallusion-the Witche's Blacc Hat is my Mic-underworld caps is what I drop on sight-with stolen serial numbers like the greatest jewel heists-I bling ring these Buku Females bootyholes-they love to give me there jewels this Worldwide Jigalo-the way they eat my ass up call them Worldwide Pigalo-I feed my molten volcano lava roccs-fresh out Dante's Eternal Inferno out of my Asian Pole Pot-they love my Dante's Peak-that's why they kepp-spying on me-She Spy times the Eye that's 3-they my Blacc Widow Spider Girls they love to eat my silky string-with the best VI to the BE-I beat them up until my bone red I'm on that QD3-Quicc Delivery times three-that's why they got there "All Eyez On Me"-until they eyes bleed-Lean-and they need a Pirate patch just to see-through the Insanity-I bring-I keep it to clean Gee-call me Popera live-I drop hoes like the Mic-call me Pill Donahue out besting Cronkite-talk to me Molly while I dig in your spine-you gotta feel me the way I put the heart on your hide-and gloved that ass that's so tight-I got a zillion floes that stacc like Doobye-you get hit with one now rest in shit goodbye-float to the clouds that are nine-and to Heaven to the sky-as the buildings spires point you in the right direction as the guide-blin ring taking golden halos-from stars that feel like God's Angel's-load up in my Arthur C. Hailey Golden Cradle-and Sphere Ball-on point on NBA Jam fire like Fucc All of Ya'll-my M & M's make the Bad Girls World taste good-like Morphine and Methadones been dropped in the Blacc Hop Hood-Candyman Kaze serving niggaz put em to sleep too sweet for da Bleakwood-you haters tryna stand on dangerous grounds-but the ground-don't belong to you just like the cell after the spent rounds-you tripping over a sound-but how you gonna justify the claps of the gun not the instrumental-use your intel and mental-a instrument tells all-are you in to men den fall-if you into balls-some have just to enter the walls-in oh so many ways prison forbidden hallways-that you suppose to stay out of all day-out of bounds areas that will get you killed by inmates doing all day-these young cats ain't even on they grown man tip-they wanna keep the ball away not knowing that real pimp shit-more balls more hoes around-more trouble lurks with more talking and more sounds-more evidence of young cats with no points on the crowns-not to sharp and not a King on castle-if they was why they tryna fein over a dirty asshole?-more money more problems-more hungry muthafuccas that wanna pop they collar-and steady hollar-tryna swallow-your tommorrows-before the Sunrise could follow-they supposed to keep the money on fully auto-that's how you make sure a dumb nigga gets swallowed-by the Land of No Tommorrows-money brings bitches and snitches bring lies-one hater get jealous now a real Pimp Hand gotta die-all because I sport a Insane patch on my eye-they wanted attention like the Bling Ring and robbed the wrong jewels-they got turned into a Angel with a Halo and got put on the news-now there bling is through-even though they was lit with the tool-from the first Adam they wanted me to deliver them from Eve-I got the Max that will chew up like gumballs the Serpent in the Tree-my hoes love to feed me Micro Chips-inserted in Cookie Crisp-just so they could follow my dicc-even Tucan Sam knows what it is-yeah they got two cans on blam that's what it is-them hoes need some Rite Aid more like Left Aid-the way they gave me that Osco Cosco at a Costco-mang can they sure boss low-Trapstar Girls with the Ace of Bass on Bossmode-I'm itching to blend like a Morphine Chamelion dipping through the snow-with Alice in my hand Winter WonderL.And looking shiny all chrome-if this was Pelican Bay I'm killing myself-I'm jaccing off to the death I got the Dog Walk in my cell-in heat watching MTV Three-like in CSP-Sac on Yards A, B, & C-thinking of Rihanna grabbing my sticc and saying Shut Up & Drive-while she grab her Umbrella and I bust Penguin Sub Machine gun all day & night-I'm going low in the game-on my Lion Dames-like the MGM Arcade-as I escalate-like a Ronald Big Mak Donald maid-to them big buns Ima slave-she a sicc sexy one on toad-when she be hopping on me like faton-now all the other bad girls wanna battle toad-the way they F U Tooty they say-they your Futon the way they get laid-I be picking out beats-like Natural Born Asssassin's pick out heats-they like Heatcliff no ones son-if you was they Dad they would hate on you like a punk-I'm not trying to hate on cats-I'm trying to stay away from them hating cats-because they scandalous like a ghetto bastard-tryna to feed the Catacombs Master-Heatcliff?More like a Hellcat in heat-trying to fucc ya out the game so you can't b-catapolting-I bring it hard like the 4-like Elon Musk Paypal in a row-plus more-after the triplets no divorce-my Wife told me there's always recourse-the way I got her on the floor-not for the Networth or the score-hopefully I could get 100 million from Ebay more like Ebey-then my Paypal will take all my financial problems away-me and My Bloccs-Da Top of the Top-Crescent Heights nonstop-Hollywood Hills gotta feel the way we pop-with no drops-even though we turn Hollywood Hills to Mollywood Pills on drop-all the bad girls be on my tip like Belvedere Beach Road-they wanna play in my water and drown they Lean Souls-they got me on Alexander on the Ave-Sausalito-the way Salud my chempo-gotta be Orange Sweet & Sour Saladitos-they taste the sweet ocean view-in they baby clam mouths as I spew True Blue-KazeLoon Lagoon's-they love to blow-in my Tooty Sailboat-on B.O.A.T.S-Based On A True Story how they float-on my Belvedere flow-I get paid off em they my Does-Bambi clones-my Christian Girls are way to bad so like the Romans feed them to me like The Lions-mix them with my Ramens no hot sauce needed they got everyone perspiring-I got the Sunset Strip glist on the stroll-like WEHO-another Holloway Romance novel Hell No!-I'll show you the Astral Drive like Astro in Sci Fi-a.k.a my Nickle Canon-that's bigger then Nichol's Canyon-they wanna look good and that's why they running fast man-they want me to fil up they Runyon Canyon-I'm the Neverland Ranch octor-I operate on myself and raise myself out of the Propapol coffin-then I Moonwalk down these bad hoes throats-right out they assholes-with the souls of they diamonds and pearls in my poccet-right next to my monkey Bubbles the chimp in a loccet-when you see that Cyclops beam on you you will know why we call it shooting Marvels-or is it just marbles?-you'd hate to see a real shoot out unfold-I put on my Foxglove and drive until I hit the Six Oh-I burn them poor succahs like foes-on the Pomona Freeway when I roll-me and Sonny mixed up the Avalanche Way on the Floral Drive-that's why we the Primo Kings for life-we stay Star Ridge Sunnyhill Drive High-she said grab your tool and get your shed together-I said life is a beach and your Hermosa forever-I cracc them Virgin Duccheads by the Duccpond-like Virgina Tech unitl the Old Hokie is done n gone-Lunatech um with my Duccsauce-I got them on top of each other they wanna take me and my Big Blue Slug to te Drillfield and get humped on-they jump my pawn-from a Duckhead until it's wet and blue in a circle until Drillfield is ForestLawns-and until my Blue Ducchead is a prett boy Swan-I look cold like Penguin playing in the Artic snow-fly like Sea Bird Death Before Dishonor is our fly code-Marine Birds we flock with all around the globe-Black Widow bodyguards-in the baccyard-they are the house alarm-that and the sounds of K's when you get to close to Viper Alarm-not talking about just for the cars-the Navajo Street hoes love my Water Snake-they try to compete with the L.A River length but that little thing a wet noodle on a plate-I'm warning ya brothers like the studio I do my own stunts Karate Chop hoes all over the place-until they in Forrest Lawn in a grave-they wanted to me in twos to the death now they rest in both Forrest Lawns in Hollywood and NEL to the A-I spit big wet slugs from here to Virgina Tech-you moving to slow like a big snail end up in the Resurection Cemetary real quicc-I'm the King Penguin always next to something smelling fishy-looking like I might not dive in better clean that peck peck I don't like no smelly cats that smells pissy-and shitty-I'm the Big Penguin on Peck Road-my mini me's is in Almansor Park in Deep East Los-the way them bad ass hoes succed my blue gonzo off-they got my blue ducc looking like the one at Peck Road like a magician with no wand-I load up the Big Snail-over the Resurection I set sail-on Tucan Sam wings-who wanna mock me?-you know what I got cocced G?-the Blue Gonzo Tooty-Duccheadz slam dunking my balls in they mouth-going up and down like a Duncan Yo Yo from Peck Road to Baldwin Park with my pipe mic in they crown-they swallowed the family jewels but didn't spit them out-I call the Bluebird like the Old School Buses with my Blue Flute-Toot-then we fly off to another level looking for the jewels-126 Legend like the ink on my body-all black step into the mirror and enter the Darkworld like Mohriarty-in the Light World I got the Sherlock Holmes looking Glass Mirror-the perfect picture can't get no crystal ball clearer-all the fruits in the baccyard-you see why we got the Fruit loops Blacccards-something Triple CMS Crazy my Souljahs-they all True Blue Tucan Birds down to roll for us Asian Boyz Locstas-Oranges, Coccys, Lemons, Limes, Plums, Peaches,- Green Fruits, Avacado's the green mean Leanest-Bird of Paradise's near the Aloe Vera Plants-Orange Lion Flowers I make them dance-as soon as I take them out the seed paccs-and bust a freestyle rap-right out my window and water my plants-with playground jungle gym in the bacc-watch out for the Black Widows in the cans-we so high the way Neil Armstrong fell on the Big White Moon Rocc in the bacc-me and the Bluebird C-Walking on the bricc wall-all day and night long-you see the metal bars-we lock up raw stars-from the start-in the Park-Belvedere with no fear is the street card-my hoes shitting out red shit thanks to my Flaming Hot Chempo-it is way to big I got em shitting them out by the log no hollow Flaming Hot Cheetos-give me that College of the Canyons Doggystyle-while I'm beating it up with my Old Hokie Bird so Wicced & Wild-with Pigstyle-craccing her ass like the Piggy Bank-like Haskell Open Space-turning it into Outer Space-from place to place-with my hand up her ass cracc she my puppet- pulling her strings like a Ducchead-I got pussy on my mind so a little bird peck pecked at my brain until it ached-now I need some ass purring to take away the pain-in the baccyard with with the cherry red hair smoke-blowing with my Bluebird until he croaks-and turns into a cherry red toad-a magic mushroom toadstoll feeling the fortune double O-Big Cherry Face fresh money feel like opening the Red Doors-we high as fucc grubbing like Chinese New Years everyday July Forth-rainbow colorful fireworks shine like the Rainbow Crystal Fruits in the baccyard-they open up the fortune of the Red Doors to the Blacc Cards-splash the Sandman symbol on it the Blacc Dragon made out of the Blacc Widows Blacc Tar-If I was Mr.Chu-and hitch hike with my thumb I'd be to cool-skin graph of my ass on my thumb telling hoes to succ my ass they grab me by thumb-and take me to a world beyond-and bacc I work em like P.E-good for you good for me-I got so many bad girls you can't imagine all on my Tootylean-I aint got no super doe or no paper boy what else they gonna eat?-You know what they better bring-my Candyman Hooks them sweet pretty girls that wanna do me-even while I'm in the Pen they say get at me so then I could say I want you too-then we can sin so bad-while I sail on they ass-you see big bottles are Black Widows-even the hot sauce bottles that are little-like Models with big bootys on Sandman's pillow-them hoes was praying for the Saigon but not the safezone-the Pitchfork Saigon the one where they succ it so hot it melts till it's all gone-I put my Cali Golden Cois in her my personal Piggy Bank-like City Banks-like slugs in a Big Snail-I do it on a real Grande Big Trail-from the Blue Jay in the baccyard on the briccwall-to the Bluejay Way above it all-you shooting at us is like Wade Page piccing on th wrong Murphy-15 shots wouldn't never hurt me-I'm RAW son on the Ave. your the rabbit I wipe my ass with-that big cold blue steel gun on Lake Point don't even grab it-wet yourself up first ya baccstabbers-I got my Magic Big Ole Branch on Bocock-all the hoes wanna Turkey Gobble for The Cup in Virgina Tech Flocks-competing with the Duccheads by the pond-for my Tucan Sam Gonzo Beak they follow like Twitter my Bluebird by the Locust for my Golden Crops-I ain't with the bull-I'm Crippin like Ox Road you see the hand that's blue?-chuccing up the True Blue-you see the Big Blue nose Iat Occoquan?-I blow it and create Moccoquan-now look at all the Blue Diamonds in Loccoquan-Loco Guaps-of Iced Out Almond Roca Roccs-I flip them blue lakes that look like slugs-until they big like Lake Eerie on double up-Willy Mc Covey Cove and Willie Mays Famous Catch Game Winning Ball-Now that's some good famous clam from some real famous dolls-you like Marion and the year is 2003-no medals how you gonna locc with me-I'm on that Marion Federal Prison shit-always on the ADX Florence Colorado waiting list-I can take bullets like Suge cuz I got all the medals like Allyson-where the real talent is-you just a pal less friend-caught up in the traptures of them-snares of the Deadend-that keep trying to pull you bacc to the same spot again-The False Hook Theory-I hit ya with The Real Hook turn ya into the Big Blue Slug in Lake Eerie-you fake Dodo Birds missing the pearl your a Scarecrow that fears me-no need for the Fear Gas-I just spit it NBA Style-Never Be Afraid cuz I'm from the Green Isle-let it drip like Dip as you go down like fake toons so Leanstyle-I live in between the Hills and the Ghetto tryna stay in the Medium so my Pearl is safe-right in the Inn in the Shell of all thangs-tucced away-duccing rainy days-but I want them to stay-before they even came my way-looking for may-in the Summer time me and the Sun getting hated on once again-once a friend always a friend in the land of the dead-who fear just dread-from within-the hearts of evil men-who love to sin-just for Shumaster Kiccs-just to rot in The Shu and show you who's pot it is-your deal always gets skipped-even if you win-your still the chips-that get dipped-in our Looney Toon Town Dip-mixed with this-flossing to hard that green like minty string-will gurantee you bleed-when they Reach-like Kane and Abel version of Johnson & Johnson-fake twins lost in the clouds you float away with no promise-our image is forever that's just honest-I'm Bluejay Waying-they couldn't see me before the weigh in-to the roof The Birds Robin-I'm finna enjoy the Cityview why she bobbing-from The Sunset Strip to 69 Place & Park Ave it's the new Mr.Robbins-and the new Mr.Sheldon follow the patterns son I'm Jim Henson & Marvel Productions-and the world are my Muppets-like Santa Clarita Valley to Belvedere Park East L.A & San Gabriel Valley-just follow my nose-and strike a pose-cuz I'm a STAR so you gonna glow-without the flashbulb-keep it clean like chlorine-no need for the filter and PSD-what you see is what you get-the Open Book effect-just look through my Third Eye Camera Lense-I'm Mickey in the Castle of Illusion I own the Muppet's just ask Disney-ABC?-they are Rainbow Hair and colorful Jewels like Kushy Crystals they live in my weed-like the green grass in the Valleys-I got the Walt Disney Gonzo Orlando Magic Sticc-you can also ask Disney-ABC?-in my Castle of Illusion I play the Kermit The Frog-bad ass BattleToad Girls down to hop-smashing hoodrats who want probs-same thang for the Mouseketeers-the Minnie Me's down with no fear-to rat pack the rats every single Kraft day of the year-work my magic in my Kingdom who even needs the beer?-I told Harvey Comics let's split it right down the middle but no Two Face-we already dented this whole Game while they trying to scratch the surface of the Rocco Doll Face-just to be a dummy a Scarecrow puppet with no brain-I'm the Top Dog cuz I got Madballs-I got them by the twins like the Arcade Game in Disneyland that shoots pinballs-in Tomorrow Land near Tron-like a Ghetto Bastard Heatcliff the way I be in the Alley's like no ones son-ironic cuz Star Comics Digest is my son-I care for them like the Carebears with lots of Thug Love-I'm they Nanny same for the Muppet Babies-just like I'm The Big Bird the protector of Seasam Street-I got the pearl just follow my nose I'm the real leader with the answer to the codes of cheat-that decieve-the weak absent minded peeps-who long for agony-in pain-cuz they get no brain-and have no brain to give-they cant feel joy or pleasure so they can't live-Tucan Sam & Friends we on Hop with Kermit-to sicc for these these lames me & Harry The Hipster you could never cure it-or curb it-we well off with the cures rip-I 'm beating up the Chicken Liver of Henrietta on a Mad Cliff-feeling like the Proffesor the way I tag your it-call her Yorick-I got a couple side chicks like Bob Payne-when she not here tey bob away-to take away-the pain-until all you see is icky gunk-in a sticky bunch-call me Tucan Sam with the big Earhworm Jim like Henson-the Blue Gonzo that mushmellons-do them like a French Rat feed them to my Icky Gunk-to the last Luna Tec Millimeterpeeder for lunch-like Green Eggs & Ham-just ask Sam I Am-get a clue-this ain't Dr.Suess-more like you need a doctor to transfer Einsteins brain into you-just to-get a clue-you stucc in the dark wrong game no Clue?-she had a heartattack like Ted-after I gave her a two face with my Big Tucan Beakhead-no wonder why I can't get no company? Let alone 3-they want goalz like Dave-the way they see it hang-no wonder why I'm the Puppetmaster with all the Duccheadz on me-Mr.Duncan-I'm to big I'll leave them hoes with the done can-even if you got two cans-that's nothing to handle for Tucan-I make them other pimps bite off me-like Dr.Teeth-cuz I know how to bring the Electric Mayhem to girls panties-like the vibrating ones with the Hearts Queen-so Olympus always on a road of a L.A KING-that controls Bluejay Way-with my Bird Gang-let me give you a river grad-on L.A-it has to be a A-or you can play with my Blue Tucan-my Hornbrook brings hoes to the LAnd-you already know I'm from Brookland Ave-where the Devils play at-know need for the Ramona Burritos by the Parkway & Blvd long-when you got this Big Blu Gonz-that stretch all the way to Santa Clarita Valley and beyond-it's the Magic Bone that attracts the Big Dogs-I crack the walnut with my Monterey right inn they center-now they need a grace more amazing then ever-to save them from my Hornbrook opposite of feathers-the way it fill the hearse-that's why it's called the Big Bird-just ask Harley and my girls from the Ave-my Tucan hit ya Mom now ya a Foster child on the Ave-they will say I'm just like Cosbey for putting them to sleep with my Mac-on Earle until they hurl I love girls like Pizza Loco the new Lil Jaccs-Pizza Shacc?-no need for the magnum it doesn't fit-since a Pollyseed on my Eastside Currip-they way they rhodes my Summer Lane-that's the proof I brang da heat to Cleo's Bannister like Durfee of course she paid-Gilman & Lambert put them together you got me-the Oystercatcher named Gilbert from the sea where the birds all blue like my magical wings-she love to palm my Blue Tooty Flute until the Rupees meet Zorrow-flip flip flip like the hammer of the Cold Blue Steele that looks wet but because it boils-I shit her ig motor mouth big like Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area Peckinham & First Street-she glad my stones-are connected to Irwindale call her Chip on Gladstone-I take her on a ride on my Arrow Highway like a O.G as we pass Pioneer Park-on my Magical Snake with the Pearl-Peck Peck roa turns into the Peck Peck Highway-just follow my nose like the arrow loc-right through her Midquad-her Central by the Ave right through soul-a Bonita pretty Shark call me San Jo-the pimp of the San Gabriel Valley Shark Bowl-now them girls Sunsweet they say naw to the rod-on Narod-they even joined a Mission thanks to my Jarod-follow the arrow to Upland up up and away-the Drakko Dragon A-Way-ole escape from the Foreverglades Hungry Hungry Hippo looking ass freaks-I pop at the Piggy Bank until it craccs-then I get the pieces and make a image of Big Ben the root of all evil cash-like the Paperpuppetmaster of green cash-I'm on some Merlin shit-Drakko Dragon with the asist-I'm loking like The Riddler & The Joker the way my Black Harley rides my J? Cane-in all ways-but the wrong way-I'm starting to look at things funny again-like when I used to smoke weed bacc in the days-she keep my Candlewood lit by the Country Club-dirty south Big Boot how we kicc it with the Starlight by the Aves-Mocking Birds I feed them to Misses Pac-just look on the map-at the Big Clam-that's cracced-like a One Eye Patch-just press the tab-God will pay for that-Tooty here initials as you can see-on her Website you don't need 3D-you couldn't even see it unless you was a bird watcher cuz she too fly-on top of Sandy Hook Bird observatory she taking flight-I'm her Oystercatcher-shell craccer-them other hoes wanna me her mail snatcher-I bring the heat to her ass like a Hellbaccer-bats out of hell my Snackers-I released em out the Belly so they could go into mines-she grab my Tucan on fully auto-like a female Otto-it's Child's Play-she say-the way me and her Buddy Molly play-in the Rainbow Hay-in the Castle her shell how I beat up the Middle-like if her Middle Name Michelle-it's Middle Ages after dark-they went from fags to kittens-dicc-to socializing with the faggotest diccheadz-we set trip-like some Dark Navy Blue Crips-thanks to the Sun-like Rai worshipers all becuzz-it's hot thats why we need the Locs to blocc the sun-or else it's a hot murder one-I barrier spit-and Middletwon split-these hook ass niggas that sink in the sand quicc-I spit of LAnd-and take them higher to safety-protect people from the monsters that eat kids on the chomo no maybe-floating on a Township-with City of Angels Wingtips-for the La La Clicc-we got La La Loot Bars on hit-launch them Nike Missles on Hercules as we feeling so Mt. Olympus-same feeling for me Hercules as she Mounts Olympus-my Nike Missle racing Allyson Felix to the finish-you still on that Mini 14-we spit them MIM Fourteens-you spitting a Tucan Sam cold blue 25-we spitting a SAM-A-25-I'm doing battle with my Big Alf Nose with Molly-digging out that Felix the Black Cat from da bacc like she was Blacc Harley-getting my clown on like The Prince of Crime-so sinful how I hit it from behind-I call it Big Booty Call the IFC Announcer said Tremors tonight at 8-Primetime no Aprils Fools how I massacre away-all day-Jelly Belly Muppet Babies-Like Herma Goelitz mixed with David Goelz to make a new flavor Puppet master-O Blaster-don't be slipping in the darkness havinf sex with Blacc Mambas-Ragamuffin hoes ain't worth losing the riches that ain't no wonder-when you from Rags to Riches ain't no going bacc to them bac in da days bitches-a little Shrimp Fried Dicc fresh out the Rivers Sacc won't hurt-it's good for them bad girls it takes away they curse-we are the Penguins still here always will be-standing tall solid like the ROC PILE with Sunnyhill in East L.A M.P-I'm diggin the Sugerloaf a slice of Heaven in Belvedere Island-where the Angel's play from Angel Island-right beside me-you wanna escape if you could-opposite of Alcatraz your own private hood-I sticc my Magic Thorn in they mouth-call it Jesus Crown-until my stinger comes out they behind-I got em by the Beehive-you Willow-I'mBilbo-Sting in my hand-when I jacc-them hoes begging for me to put it in they ass cracc-like fast cash-ATM Girls-Addicted To Money-just like my honey-like my BOA in they Wells Fargo-straight from the Es Go Zone my Escargo-ironically-like speed-I brings-in high heat-to they depository-like Free Abortion Clinic Stories-no Sandy Hooks-Hookahs that are embarressed Ostriches with they head in the sand-practicing skills on Hookahs like a Jigalo that need dat-male or female-they to fem to tell-but they look fem to the fatale-couldn't handle the fat tail-blame it on April Fools-like The Crow Part 2-don't finish you-make it thru-part two-and don't be a fool-in any months and watch out for The False Hook-shoulda learned from Bruce-instead you fell vitim to the Tucan Sam Crew-with the motto of follow our nose that's blue-I get Rosin Dabs-hard roccs to climb like Hash slabs-on dap dap-one hit with a freak guranteed to tap tap-while she do the Dab Dance-her reward for shaking it my ABC Cafe Dabs-on fat cat-with a cigar congrats-to got with dat-clowning like Dale with a big red nose-on Dahli Lama as we ride like a nut to the O-Zone-feeling like God on Sugarloaf no butter from the Golden Angels needed-they halos my Cheerios?naw not even the generic Wheaties-don't pass the Truffle Butter-I'm always clean but still from the Guttah Guttah-where we muffle a stutter-on a muzzle of a buzzard-to dry wanna be fly loud niggaz didn't make the shot-they didn't beat the clocc-them hoes be snapping into my Earthworm Jim Henson-they battling to be my favorite Muppet Puppet no need to mention-they said my hand up they ass-is nothig but class-nastiet hoes they like to do it in the trash-like we living in shitty cans-with the Tent City Fam-I tell the baddest girls to follow my Big Nose-the got the Twitter Bird tatted on they soul-so you already know-I'm the real Jacc Dorsey Crippin to the most-I took her to Bonita Park like it was the Olive Garden-she's such a pretty bone eater I had to fart-after the Burp Marathons-I spread her eagle like The Birds Marathon-December 6th, 2010 and beyond-flying free out the bird cage-while the snakes await for they day-Guess Who's Back? The Hangman Judge-he will mando throw the book at you with the biggest grudge-that you can't never appeal or budge-they get scandolous with Aids and age-kill you on there last day-the crime will never fade away-unlike there remains-in the grave-Murderzone Magic-where the only thing tragic-is the not the closed casket-living in a world scarred by dirty blasters and bullet hole fragments-where we sleep in the bath tubs in body bags zipped-ready for the Final Day-we can feel it in our Spinal Waves-and Primal Brains-trying to disappear from the Killer Instinct on that Spinal Wave-like a remake of the Final Point Break-they caught The Vapes when they seen who was swallowing my Alley Dog-give me Patch like the Download Cracc-that Downlow Path of hair and cracc-Ima Lazy Boy Pimp that's why I stay with the Patch-for my One Eye Band-ABI Brand-them Hot Girls wanna hop on my Habenero the fly way-so they hopped on my Arrow Highway-Big Bluebird Beak-Tucan Freaks-equals three-Ima fly Origial Trapstar I trap em hard-just like WEB Griffin how I sew up the net from the Park-these fake hoes is hella desperate they something then blame it on the One Arm Girl who got shark attacced-then they say there she go getting away on that big wave look at her bacc-they won't bust a grape if they was the Killa Californian Raisins singing Murder Raps busting drive bys-mang she in her own Boss League-they way she be bossing-I'm gonna need Bosley-just to grow hair bacc on my private parts-hottest girl on the planet she give me that private select start-a punk bitch won't even get no convo even when my Twitter Account hacked-she can't even get the Spam-and that's the Spamusobi at the Suishi Bar-that I might of been around like the Park-a Tomahawk on Cocc King-for a bird that's Mocking-tryna eat my Coccey-you better off eating some nuts from Roccey-it's the Eve's Family-a freaky spin off of The Adam's Family-from the forst Genesis Tree-my Serpent Medusa's favorite eats-before the Gaddis could be-Maccabees-Lion's Mane Squid on bust-gonna leave a scar on them Godmother's mugs-thanks to this thug-how I bless them cuzz-they be praying for the Devils Helmet Wolf Bane-hot head in Big Bad Wolf Stype all day-3 headed hoes in heat-they blow my Angel's Trumpet until I can never sleep-they Belladonna Cold Globe deadly freaks-I blow spit a flow-then swim with Puffin & Fugu in it Loc-chucc up the Golden Triangle-that means we high no need for no one tho-in a zone-called-our own-I got the Orange Pumpkin looking like the Cindermobile-I got Cinderella on fire thanks to my 218 Ultra Combo hitting skills-I'm howling on dat ass in The Lunar Chronicles-after I hit she got the Scarlet Fever forever thanks to my scarlet Pumperniccle-Ima Kittyhawk-from the East L.A City Blocc-it ain't no riddler-I'm from the Park-fucc little marks-and they bitch symbol Rittler Park-I'm looking at Treasure Island from Belvedere while she plays with my Big Trunk-and craccs my chestnuts-you know she loves my speacial golden butter on her Sugarloaf by the ton-I'll be in my Birdman from Alcatraz suit in Belvedere Tiburon-looking down on-the Big Birds in The Bay-especially in Washington Park and Balleena Bay-as this Medium Savant laughs at Central Ave in dismay-

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