Only the Past
Album/MovieThe WinterFire EP
ArtistsCunninlynguists, The Grouch & Eligh
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Deacon The Villain]
I mean to
Be in the moment
To really sit still in it
Without the pills and other thangs
And get real with it
To not reflect or project these feelings i'm harboring
To not give fuck bout who's feelings I'm bothering
It's startling
How hard it is swallowing truth
I'm dry heaving on the daily
Need to water my roots
I'm supposed to be the type of soldier God would recruit
But I lost my troops and it's soo hard to regroup
Tryna cope
Losing hope out following smoke
When I approach
They looking through me as if I was a ghost
Cause I'm
Not in the present
I'm present
But not my essence
Don't count these seconds, nigga
Count your blessings!
But time is money
If a brother ain't countin' dollars
I'd be homeless in these mountain hollers
It's hard
I'm at odds
Between earth and star
But for the moment put the purp in the ‘gar
My nigga
And just...
Learn from my mistakes, raking up the leaves
Burn them in my place, ashes in the breeze
Smash em in your face, for re-hashing the past
Now you can taste the history, misery and peace
Yet peace is in the present, so I make a constant effort
To feel my feet against the street, the way we feel the beat
Rattle and roll, straddle the bass line like I straddle my goals
Tight. With a whip in sight, with a wit thats like a thousand
Sarcastic talk show hosts, and a viscous right jab
To mic stands, which might land the riches I grab, in the
Right place: the heart chakra
The riches I speak of are not of a monetary operating
System, your lost, obnoxious, non-spirit driven operas are
Not my cup of tea. My people fuck with me
Because I'm fucking free! I live in the now
The futures un-known, but I cook my destiny without a recipe
Just me and god to see beyond

To the victor goes history
Cover up the the misery
Oppressed seek oppressor for what's meant to be a memory
Placed upon papyrus or witnessed with your iris
Degraded through the grapevine soured as the vine is
Still recited by the Pius with approval from the highest
Placed up on the food chain
So slaves can buy a new chain
Freshly topped tombstones
Them graves can get new a name
Spark a conversation after soaking it in butane
Searching for a new lane while waving at the the past
To be the wave of the future but the tides turning fast
Cops already purging in the streets without a mask
The stage is being set with only extras in the cast
The faint of heart can't grasp how the brave can simply laugh
The humor is the hubris to be first to carve the path
And gasp...
The Grouch]
Makin' time out of nothin' but everything
Can't is just a word that we never sing
Let it be heard
I make noise from the silence of light
Sights from the science of sound
Profound thoughts
Let's walk, between the seconds they talk
I pay it no mind I know their reference is off
I get my messages straight from the heavens
And share em with my brethren in case they're late to the session
Can you relate to the question?
I can, just a man with a place for progression
Face it, bass hits for discussion
It's all the same shit
Spaceships get percussive
I turn clocks with my muscles
Move rocks with a chuckle
Just watch, no buckle
When time is a puzzle then trust this
Life isn't measured it just is

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Only the Past
Cunninlynguists, The Grouch & Eligh