Pretty Blue World
Album/MoviePretty Blue World
ArtistsFalcon Billy
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Falcon Billy
Pretty Blue World
Pretty Blue World
Pretty blue world
Spinning in space
Been that way since the first tear
Rolled down Adam's face
Man we get beat up
Time's taken more than its toll
When times get this hard girl
It's hard to take hold
I don't wanna give up

Baby, hold on to me girl
I'll hold on to you
Faith, hope and love's what it takes to get through
In this pretty blue world
It's a pretty blue world

Waking up to a struggle
I don't want to face
Ain't got a choice
Now we're stuck in this place
Is anybody up there
Sometimes it's hard to believe
Think our prayers have been answered
We've got what we need
When you wanna give up


Ain't much that's certain
Between the curtains
But as long as this world continues to spin
no matter how blue, baby
This much is true, baby
Faith hope and love
Hold on to me girl
When it gets cold
Do I have your love
That's all I need to know
In this pretty blue world
It's a pretty blue world

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