Rasa Sayang 2016
Album/MovieRasa Sayang 2016
ArtistsDick Lee feat. ShiGGa Shay
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Rasa sayang Eh
Rasa sayang sayang eh
Hey lihat nona jauh
Rasa sayang sayang eh
Rasa sayang eh

Once upon a time there were only trees
And a lion or two enjoying the breeze
Then a boat arrived one sunny day
And human beings were here to stay

Well the king of the jungle couldn't really complain
He got the whole damn island named after him
And as for the lions here's news for you
You can see their descendents at the Mandai Zoo

The island since has come very far
All thanks to the man named Utama
No we couldn't forget him if we tried
Eh what about Raffles (We love that guy)

So here we are having so much fun
Can hardly believe this was a jungle once
Sometimes I can still hear the lion's roar going
Singa Singa Pore

One, Two sing
Rasa sayang Eh
Rasa sayang sayang eh
Hey lihat nona jauh
Rasa sayang sayang eh

Now we can explain in a little while
This is not an ordinary tropical isle
Everything we have has to be the best
Of the fabulous East and the wonderful West
Of all the things we've got that's good
At the top of everybody's list is FOOD

We've got prata (from Indian)
Mee Pok (from Chinese) so sedap
What about the ketupat (from Malays) at the Satay Club

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