Sa' oghe 'e Maria the Voice of Maria
Album/MovieSa' oghe 'e Maria - The Voice of Maria
ArtistsPiero Marras & Dionne Warwick
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Sa luna istanotte
in chelos danneu:
sa mala fortuna
est contras a Deu.
The oak in its glory
a power that all fear
will whisper so purely
that day when we hear
Sa oghe e Maria
So soft, sweet, how near
su nìnnidu lentu
away casting sadness
Olvìdat sanneu
Ave Maria
Abounding with mercy
to lead through the storm
sa vida nos colat
che raju in sistiu
And free from temptation
the path, sure, we'll find
su sole che jughe
in chelu tottue.
The voice of Maria
est una ninnia
That brings us forgiveness
ammajos d'ammentu
Rejoice, sing out clear
Ave Maria
The voice (Sa oghe…)
of Maria (…e Maria)
So soft, sweet, how near
That brings (su nìnni…)
us forgiveness (…du lentu)
Away (ammajos…)
casting sadness (…d'ammentu)
Rejoice, sing out clear
Ave Maria

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