Shooting for the Moon
Album/MovieLouisiana 2 - Live from the Mountain Stage
ArtistsSonny Landreth
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Funny how sometimes life
Just changes overnight
Magically everything you do turns out so right

Just like that!
You pull rabbits out of your hat

You've got the charm that even wizards can't explain.
How you make rainbows from a single drop of rain.

Who can say?
It's a trick you learn how to play

When you're Shooting for the moon and finally make it
Guess a lucky star is shining on you
The candle on the cake is yours so take it.
Make another wish, its sure to come true
Isn't that the way you do it?
Tell me I can do it too

Yes the candle on the cake is yours so take it,
make another wish its sure to come true
You say there's really nothing to it
Maybe I can do it too

Who would believe one day
You'd learn to walk on air
Everyone said "No Way, you haven't got a prayer"
Click your heels
That's how up and happy it feels

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