SKIT : Expectation!
Album/Movie화양연화 pt.1
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Rap Monster: 일등 할수 있겠냐
Suga: Well, not getting caught up on being #1 or whatever, I really like the album
itself. The album is good. I like the song.
Rap Monster: I can't be satisfied by the album now. We have to get #1.
Jin: Yeah.
J-Hope: Hey, but don't. have expectations.
Rap Monster: No, but I… end up havin. expectations.
V: Me, me too.
Jimin: As for me, I don't know what to think. Sungsoo(?)-ssaem told us before about
how we started, and stuff. I don't know if I should really be hopeful or not. I don't
know what to think.
V: Honestly.
J-Hope: I'm not expecting anything.
V: To be honest, just because you say ‘Don't expect anything', doesn't mean we expect
Jin: Yeah, me too. I just start being hopeful.
Suga: Hey, out of the stuff I heard. wait, I'm saying the same thing as before… Really
I'm scared that we expect something and. get nothing.
J-Hope: Actually, the funny thing is that the songs that I didn't expect anything
from got big… To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from ‘No More Dream'. Really.
Suga: Wait, no, you-
Rap Monster: Just don't expect anything.
Suga: No, you said you got a feel for ‘No More Dream'.
V: You did say that in the beginning.
J-Hope: Well, it's impossible for me not to get a feel. I kind of feel for it'll
do well or not do well…
Rap Monster: What?
J-Hope: I did say stuff like that, but I didn't expect anything big. Even N.O…
V: Ah, N.O.
Rap Monster: You had big expectations for N.O, huh?
J-Hope: Because we had that image at first and it kind of.
Rap Monster: Had a good response.
J-Hope: Yeah, it got a good image, so I was hopeful.
V: So you had big expectations.
J-Hope: But it kind of…
V: It totally-.
J-Hope: I didn't expect anything for ‘Boy In Luv'.
V: It totally failed (still talking about N.O).
J-Hope: But I had a lot of expectations for ‘Danger'.
Jin: Hey, so do you have high expectations for this song?
J-Hope: Ah, I said I had none.
Jin: Ah, great! Good, good, good!
Rap Monster: You're BTS' telepath, huh? Hey, just think that we're totally gonna
Jin: Yeah. Just totally.
J-Hope: Our odd-numbered releases do well.
Jungkook: Ah, but can underage people also file for tax deductions?
V: What are you talking about?
Suga&Rap Monster (at the same time.): What are you talking about? Why are you suddenly
saying that? Why? Why do you want to know?
Jungkook: Ah. the outro.
V: Hey, I wrote (…??) Rap Monster: Are you saying because you wrote, you're gonna
get some profit?
J-Hope: You're so young, and you're already…
Jin: You 19-year-old. You're already…
Rap Monster: You're saying you're gonna start getting the copyright fees, huh?
Jungkook: I'm not gonna get allowances from my parents anymore.
Jin: Ah, this kid…

Rap Monster: Why are you going to file for tax deductions?
Jungkook: Ah, honestly, it doesn't really matter…
Suga: You can only file for tax deductions when you make some money… Jungkook: To
be honest, I was talking to my dad on the phone and he brought tax deductions up.
J-Hope: This month-
Rap Monster: Ah, because you wrote the, your father said you have to file for tax
Jungkook: No, no!
Rap Monster: Your father said so! Father!
Suga: We don't make any money!
J-Hope: Jungkook's dad!
Jungkook: No, no, I'm not saying I have to file for tax deductions-
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