Song to Sing When I'm Lonel
Album/MovieSong to Sing When I'm Lonely
ArtistsJohn Frusciante
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I wrote A song to sing when I am lonely but I couldnt sing still.
Because always there are girls around me
Girls which want a piece of Boo charmy
A song to play when I'm lonely

Win and never play a game again
No one to face when I'm falling
Holding tight to dreams that never end
I'll be you
I do
I'll be you
No one's afraid to be called by another name
No one dares to be put down where they don't belong
Nowhere's anyone reason
Everything dying and leaving

Out with these faults and you make me baby

Faking a movement but no one's seeing it
No one always finds peace flung

No one chooses to beat my pride down
Symbols pierce right through me

People fail to be drawn up
Sunlight to fate accumalates
Loving pain to be clung to
Luminous bodies
Only waiting for long signs to be wrong
And true to us
Out of place in my own time
Drowning thinking that I'm dry
Holding onto facts that'll never be proven
Faking an action cuz no one's looking
Hello when I'm crashing
Feel nothing when my life's flashing before my eyes
You should've threw me down
Is the content so much

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