Tell ‘Em To Hold On
Album/MovieBetter than home
ArtistsBeth Hart
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Whiskey wants a joke
The Marlboro wants to smoke
And tears need some salt to get by

The thorn looks for a crown
the beggar for a town
and The woman is never satisfied

Everyone's looking
For something to hold
Some kind of savior
They need to be told
To hold on

Baby needs a mother
But the mother wants a lover
And this house can't find home anywhere
The ship is scared to sink
The thirsty scared to drink
And I can't find God way down here

Everyone's looking
For something to hold
Some kind of savior
They need to be told
To hold on
Hold on

You can run
You can hide
But nothing good ever really dies

The pasture's all dried out
The crows are all cried out
The hen hangs her head in the yard
And I'm tired of running
There's got to be something
For this cold broken down heart

Everyone's looking
For someone to blame
They sharpen their razors
Go out as they came
Someone tell ‘em to
Someone tell ‘em to
To hold on
Hold on
hold on
hold on
Someone tell ‘em to hold on

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