The 10 Second Rule Song
Album/MovieSong Biscuits Volume 1
ArtistsRhett and Link feat. Nice Peter
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Let's say hypothetically you're watching an internet video (Oh)
Go with me on this
And let's say hypothetically that this video hits a snag (Oh)
Get a little buffer action
The video froze
Now you must choose
How long are you willing to wait (10 seconds)
Before you click away (10 seconds)
Open up a new page (10 seconds)
Before you start to rage (10 seconds)
Sign up again and confirm your age (10 seconds)
15 seconds of fame
And 5 seconds for that
Burrito that you dropped at the beach one time
Put those rules to shame
In 10 seconds

So you're at work
And you got a little hunger pain you see
So you head down the hall to find the vending machine
And you press F-14 because that's where the snack that you like resides
But when you press F-14 the coil gets stuck and your snack is still inside
So now you got to start shaking the machine and the question is
How long are you going to shake this machine
Until you begin to eat at your own dignity (10 seconds)
Your wife packed your lunch (10 seconds)
Carrots, hummus and grapes in a bunch (10 seconds)
It's just a bag of Fritos (10 seconds)
Do you really need those Fritos

15 seconds of fame
And 5 seconds for that
Every morning pizza on a Walgreens parking lot
Put those rules to shame
In 10 seconds

So you found yourself on a date with a beautiful girl
You try to tell her all the things that interest you in the world
Yeah, you talk about Harry Potter
She said she doesn't like wizards
You talk about your salamander
She said she doesn't like lizards
You try to stay quiet like it ain't no thing
But how long can you let that silence hang (10 seconds)
You stare into space (10 seconds)
Try not to focus on that hair on her face (10 seconds)
You think it's something to say (10 seconds)
Just wait for the silence to go away

15 seconds of fame
And 5 seconds for that
That protein shake on the locker room floor (Gross)
Put those rules to shame
In 10 seconds

How long do you wait when you reset the internet router (10 seconds)

How long do you wait before you give up on the hot water in the shower (10 seconds)

When you drop some food on the ceiling (10 seconds)

How long do you hold your breath before you get that ow I'm dying feeling

When you fart in a group (10 seconds)

Check your pants for poop (10 seconds)

Someone talking smack (10 seconds)

Come up with a comeback (10 seconds)

Get up on a fish that's floating (10 seconds)

And there's a sign that says this small little pond is not suitable for boating

15 seconds of fame
And 5 seconds for that
Trail mix literally on the trail
Put those rules to shame
In 10 seconds
10 seconds
10 seconds
10 seconds
10 seconds

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