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Official Music Video Dialogue:{Chomik: And then Sally was like "Those aren't my sunglasses. THAT'S MY NECK BEARD."
Tyler: Ha! Did she have a fedora too, M'lady.
Chomik: Probly
Sobo: Ha! Guys. Guys.
Tyler: What?
Sobo: IT'S 2 thousand 16.
Chomik: DUDE!
Chomik: No It's not.
Tyler: I thought it was funny voice 14 hundred and 92 when Christopher sailed the ocean blue.
Tyler: He did, that's why his name is Bre-
Chomik: That was Tommy.
Tyler: Oh...
Chomik: Guys.-
Sobo: Hey, we should uh. we should write a rap about it.
Chomik: Who invited you, like why...
Sobo: Alright.
Chomik: ...are you still doiing this with us?!
Tyler: Do you even go here?
Chomik: WAIT Sobo-Sobo-Sobo!
Sobo: You grabbed my.(sobo)
Chomik: We should write a rap about it.
Tyler: Like.
Chomik: Twenty sixteen. WE BROUGHT IT BACK TO THE FRONT STEPS. Let's go for it.
Sobo: We've never done that before.
Tyler: Gopher?
Tyler: I thought you liked chipmunks?
Chomik: It's the year of the monkey... Who's in?
Silence-Tyler laughs-Music starts} End of Dialogue

Unknown lyric. Apparently it's very lit. Language believed to be Japanese
meek mill's ghost
rest in peace dog
mr miyagi

It's 2016 and I got a dollar in my pocket and I'm gonna spend it.
Got a new whip and it's sexy and
I'm gonna pick up the bros and start flexin
santa for Christmas got me a triangle so now I think I'm gonna play it. ding
Stole a kid's hoverboard,
it's getting funky.
It's 2016 It's the year of the monkey! Got a bagel on my wrist. it's lit.
Bought a brand new shirt it doesn't even fit.
It's 2016 and I baked an avocado
and I didn't share with any of my friends.
Tyler threw a fit,
Threw one at my face
but little did he know I own a book about space!
Joffee. Joffee. Joffee
Always sipping coffee.
Looking for a monkey,
But I don't got any money.
I'm broke
Nick Minaj is my mom.
(My mommy)
but meek mill is not my dad.
He's my uncle.
Driving through the hood.
With my crew and we lookin really good
so we took a little trip into the jungle
what's this dude doing here?
he's a creep
but its 2016
and I still haven't watched mean girls.
(Oh No)
And I shaved my unibrow.
Ma-Ma-Mango. Chicken. at the mall.
My boys making me look really really small.
Breezy's. Pancakes. Never. Fail.
They are so good they will put you in jail.
Spray painted my sisters head really red.
Went to the store and put peas in a bed.
Opened a pencil to eat all the lead
and then I told the whole world that my name was fred.
Slicing a pear on this dudes head.
Clogging the toilet with wheat bread.
Hid my moms iron inside the shed
but its okay. because it's just a prank bro!

Happy new year kids,
Josh Sobo here.
(Wait a second man, I already said that)
Six years later and we still rapping on the porch.
Six years later chomik's still riding on a horse.
It's been a minute since we spit it and we still don't curse.
It's been a minute now we in it leave em in a hearse.
They call me Tony but my name is Sobo.
You know i'm swimming passed they haterz like i'm in a rowboat,
Sixth year rhyming on a new year rap.
And I can't even go in public cause all of these paps.
Dropped out of high school in 2016.
'Cause my hamster dating business was looking pristine.
I called my boy tyler over.
He's the hamster queen,
he combs all of my hamsters
it's a daily routine.
Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty Ty comb it!
read my hamsters some shakespeare.
I'm an awesome poet.
I'm their natural born dad
but they don't even know it.
That's why I got bro breezy over here to shake and pour it.
Listen real closely.
Ima tell you about the time I put chapstick all up on my nosey.
Tyler looked at me and he laughed with a ton of food in his mouth.
and it all came out grossly.
Close your mouth when you eat, BOY.
Before I make you run and get my water, BOY.

Queen Bee on the track and ya better step back.
If you diss my boys you get slap! slap! slap!
If you come any closer blap! blap! blap!
you lookin kinda lost get a map! map! map!
Meek Mills I Drake that.
Rick Ross I maybach.
After March, April, May that.
2016, I slay that.
Chomi. Chomi. We hang out so he does not feel so aloney.
Go to the store gonna pick up mayo and bologna.
He got that samsung tv nope that's not a sony.
he got it from best buy where they don't even know me.
Ugh oh! Ugh oh!
Here comes Joshy Sobo.
He always keep it hundred down on on on
on the low low.
(low low)
Gonna ask his grandma to teach me how to sew sew.
(sew sew)
But first I got to shovel through
all of this snow snow.
(Whisper snow snow)
Then Breezy came along.
And broke my sho sho
(sho sho)
uknown lyrics. apparently these bars are really lit. language it's believed to be in: japanese
Ya probably wondering what I just rapped in japanese.
These bars so lit that they will drop you to your knees.
Fuego, mas fuego unknown lyric fuego.
My mami is on fuego,
because she ate my eggo.
I told her no.
but she said yes.
I don't give a chapstick cause my mami she's the best.

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