Two Thing
Album/MovieTwo Things
ArtistsZone Fam
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Nipatali pe nafika theres no heading back
(Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back, Back) Nolo bena bakapita me not phased by that
(That, That, That, That, That, That, That, That) Theres only two things I know, two things I know You show love, I show love, I roll up, we pour up
(Repeat last two lines)
Yung Verbal
Hape ke flow ya di koko,
Montweng re bontsa di power ball okari ke lotto Gopola motto,
bolaya babothle ka flow while keeping it low low Haters ke so so (so so), Yaaaa
Competition we see nobody okari ki passport size photo/
That's why they hate when they see us on screen We got history of chains and whips like Kunta kinte offspring
And when we hit the club and the spendings crazy
Party with dimes yellow bones that don't age like the Simpsons baby
No wonder you sour and mad dog to say the least
You couldn't hang even if you were caught dictating the middle east
Woooooooo that's just how we do
Pick suits for the Oscars (huh) Barry Roux
Dope G Nangu twakulila mwizodo, tatwakulila mu fyongo
Ngatwatulila munkondo, tabwabulila ubupondo Ukufwaya kwabukankala ekwafulila mubongo Ubunonshi paweka bubi ukwabula ba munonko So every night we break bread and this could be our last supper
I'll be damned if I live to see my mans suffer Cause we family & that's what family do
I'm with the crew when I'm in a suit business or just having a brew
I'm with these keen single men who wanna swing dingaling
Mingling with chicks who wanna have their ring finger bling
Heard I wanna bring the vring vring in from Berlin Two things I know, models and bottles, King bring em in
Jay Rox From a slow life now eything is fast forward
Wallet full of cash boy, pockets betta cash fold Zone Fam intact son never heard a clash told
And we stay closer to the hood like a dashboard Dreams of being a big fam investing when the cake come
Till Driving 5 series like directors a sitcom
What I make from this palm, Is from those I pick from
The moment when the struggle is intense but they with son
Ushe mwanvwa mau yaba dada, Nolo matu yanu yagada
Abulaza ntawi you gwada, Ndiye ino before Mfumu za madar
Nilekeleni let me think ma rapu tapu tapu monga zink
Venikambe kutuba monga vina susika mu jik Thugga I'm faster than you slow
cats these raps is planted in my soul
Mastering this flow is lots of skill and magic on the low
But hazardous for sho', loyalty and cash is what I know/ I'm like a little girl, you will always catch me with this dough (doll)
Grinding and getting it, pa ndalama pena teti ndale
Jesus piece on, Ay man(Amen) ba Lesa ba tu pale
Nangu mulande, my Ghanaian friends like 'get em Chale
Inyimbo shile lila kumushi na ku kalale
Broads is all around me, haters when I ball they try to foul me
Call their girlfriends loudly, give them all the schlong for tryna doubt me
Notice when you find me, Asian ladies flocking just to chow me
23's on - funny I'm Jay walking in an Audi.

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