Vendetta Red Cried Rape On Their Date With Destin
Album/MovieSisters of the Red Death
ArtistsVendetta Red
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When you're broken from the break up,
and those cold tears smear your makeup,
and you're wishing he made sure you were dead when he left
16 sutures on your throat dear
from your left ear to your right ear.
Goes to show you you're no good at breaking it off.

"Oh Holy Grace,
they made love to your face with a boxcutter.
Now you'll croon through the cavities girl.
The ropes burn your wrists,
tape stinging your lips till you're crying out
when those phantoms they claw at your door."

Tied with barbed wire and guitar string
to a junkie's soiled box spring.
You were thankful
for the gym socks he stuffed in your mouth.
'Cause the blood soaked through the tissue
when your teeth broke when he hit you.
You denied him the pleasure he gets when you scream.

Say the words, tear the gauze,
and these bastards pay with their lives.

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