Video Life
Album/MovieAustro-Pop, Volume 4
ArtistsReinhold Bilgeri
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Lyrics: Reinhold Bilgeri / Robert Ponger
who's next, said a man to me, when i got to a video Store, tell me how much do you wanna spend 85, 99 or more?
Mr. let me demonstrate to you a thing you ought to know, its a brand new special dbx super power video
dubdubduda .well i like that thing
dubdubduda .what a dingeling
dudubduda .well i want that stuff
it's a video life, we're living
it's a video life, from 4 to 4
it's a video life, we're living
it's a video life, and i can't stand it no more
5 times a day or more, you can see what you wanna see, video life will open the door, to get away from reality, 5 times a day you'll be master of time and space, video life is a turned on high, you'll never lose that race

Honey i said, i got money enough, have you got any dream for me, he said look, that's better than a book, it's a key to luxury... push that button, if you wanna know, who's making the world go around, sit back, relax, enjoy the show... pretty good stereo sound...
dubdubduda .well i like that thing

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