What It Do
Album/MovieWhat It Do
ArtistsLaylow feat. Buckwylla, SosSick, Phyno, Yung6ix, Seriki, Phenom, Olamide, Liu T & Vector
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Party Cats

Already signed up in life to never give up
Say party short, party up and buck while no fit box
Sky new brand new
Crazy men be dey groove
God's time what's the master bless
Asking what it do
I got my back to the world
And my head in the air yo air yo
Omo ekun mi no fucking with the sailor
Amma make you do what it do
Amma make you do what it do

Yo, ify lia minibi step, aka dinku lelu
And all this boys na ma pu
Ancha binu ne ewu
Ewan ron chi kwata
Anebi ku mewu
Bi macha in Heaven nosi ata
I heard them saying that I came from the back door
But I shut the city down like the latch doors
And now they follow my directions like a sign board
‘Cos I kii kii kill them with the blow
Niggas hard-on
It's Mr. sign celebrated arrival. anticipated
And I blew up to date
Like my ex, you outdated
That's the reason now you made it
Take some tools while I waited
You still find me in the club.
With only chicks that are figure eighted.
King of the south so I get paid in several ways
I stay strong ‘cos all these rappers they weak like 7days
Na money I dey chop so bros keep ur tooth pick
My rhymes are like seaming bitches, too sick

See, opo la pe, die la yan
Awon die ta yan
Lo fi die la yan
Mon rap fun awon graduate pelu omo' ta
Awon kan try e won o ba
Pelu bi mo se n swag ni'won ba
Won le ba mi dogba bi omo' ka
I feel good, hip hop make me happy
Street wa detect flow mi bi ponography
O ya fi microphone le fun awon to mo lo
Dari ji mi to ba je ese ni wipe mo flow
Oje mi lo je teri si k'ori e ko je
Ko saye lorun sa pata e ko gbe
Oh literally
I'm comin for the top missionary
They short of words like torn pages of a dictionary.
Rappers in brittleberry
And they got the picture late like the ghost staring at his own obituary
Red house general for real yo I flow ill
Never running out of bars
I no be Micheal Scofield
And everybody just they hail o.
So sick with the hook
I suggest you laylow
Laylow whattido
Olamide whattido
E ekuro lona
Oga nbo
Daddy G.O fun gbogbo awon rappers Ejabo
The only rapper to ma n compare pelu wizkid
Ton ton Ton ma n compare pelu Davido cause I'm a richkid
Awa Olowo n n soro
Talaka loun ni idea
Ti idea ti o bati jawo n igboro
Abadi eee
Awa n rap sodi, yahoo boy no laptop
Moyato sa awon rappers to lo gbara lori high hulk
Emi nikan ni ma n hot nigba winter
Niggaz wanna be the best rapper
I wanna be the richest rapper sign awon Mobo

Eating three square meals was no luxury
Come rain come shine
Grinding on the street
For so long we have waited
So much we've invested
Oghene wekobio
New Tito
We popping in the club (yeh yeh)
Make a love for the boss (yeh yeh)
I make it do what it does. (Yeh yeh)
See Even you girl wanna have some fun. (Yeh)
See I was gone for a while
And my true fans miss me
Awesome niggaz dizz me
Now I'm back with a fifty
See I gat a clipsy
See amma do what I wanna
Shooting niggaz in the game like is Medal of Honour
Okay. I know dem wanna do man thing
But my destiny is on a buju van thing
Where the motherfuckers at
It's payback time.
Got the nigga going Hun
Like maybach's man
Time is money nigga pay that fine
I made that line niggas hate that line
Muscle on my money never play with my job
These niggas you know they should never play with their God
10th of August 94, they cursed the date
Tell me any nigga that got a better verse till date
Anyone who on the list only impersonate
I swear they're fake
I'm done coming to terms with it.
Niggaz. Been talking defiticious shits
And beep you a shit
And nigga talk that priviledge shit
And flash gourd.and the nigga get equipped with the shit
Weakling the shit and the nigga book that person weakling the shit
Ama say this one time and one time only
We gonna keep doing this.
Justice sleek tight music
Respect these rappers
Cause dem dope but
Call me the dealer.
Lyrical killer.
Instrumental pilleer
I am the maddest baddest doctor when them sick I'm the healer
Dj alone instrumental is like a thriller in manilla.

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